Welcome to the NNTAHP website! This website was established in 2001, and we continue to add K-12 teacher-created, standards-based lessons in American history. Currently, we have two TAH grants, one focused on K-6 teachers and the other for 7-12 teachers of American history. Each year these grants provide many outstanding professional development opportunities for teachers in Northern Nevada. It is our goal that the students in the classroom are the ultimate beneficiaries of these opportunities.

We have split the K-12 curriculum into two sections on this website, which serves as a clearinghouse for lesson plans, units, research, and a calendar of events for teachers. From this page, you can select the images above to view either the elementary or secondary TAHP website.

How to Apply

1. Download and complete the relevant TAHP Application, listed above.
2. Have your principal sign the endorsement page.
3. Return completed application to Sue Davis by September 13, 2010.

Sue Davis
Regional Center for Teaching and Learning / WCSD
380 Edison Way
Reno, NV 89502
E-mail: shdavis@washoe.k12.nv.us
School Mail: RCTL / S. Davis
Fax: 775-861-4485
Phone: 775-861-1241