A Nevada Travel Log

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AUTHOR: Lanette Bowen


HISTORICAL TOPIC/ERA: Historical sites around Nevada




TIME REQUIRED: Four 50 minute class period with computer lab access.

                                    One class period for presentations


INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND: Nevada’s location in the west, its rich history beginning with the Native Americans, the westward movement, and its mining history have established the state as a tourism destination worth exploring. The sense of place is very different in the many regions of Nevada which makes this journey interesting and diverse.



Nevada History Standards:   7.8.4 Describe the opening of the Nevada frontier.

5.8.5 Describe Native American cultural regions

8.8.5 Describe effects of the New Deal in Nevada

Nevada Geography Standard:          1.8.4  Construct maps to display information about   

                                                             human and physical features.

2.8.6       Describe how and why regions change over time.

Nevada Language Arts Standards: 6.3.3 Write simple explanation that address a single topic and include supporting sentences

9.3.2Use appropriate public speaking techniques such as volume control and eye contact.

11.8.2Locate and select relevant information from multiple primary and secondary sources



·        Students will be able to construct a trip plan for Nevada, leaving from Dayton and visiting five historic sites in both northern and southern Nevada.

·        Student will be able to construct a map displaying the trip route.

·        Student will be able to collect research information and pictures on the five historical sites in their trip plan.

·        Students will construct a power point presentation on their trip, using graphics, media, and historical information.



·        Computer Lab access

·        Information sheet on the expectations for the  project

·        Websites:         www.Nevada-history.org




                                    www.theus50.com/nevada/ -



·        Text book: Nevada: Journey of Discovery by Michael Green

·        A list of historical sites in Nevada

·        A list of approved websites for students to use for research

·        Map of Nevada

·        Rubric for students to use to evaluate presentations



1.  Review with students the expectations for the project.

2.  Students need to pick their sites, from the given list, for their trip.

3.  Use a Nevada road map from NDOT to plan the trip.

4.  Computer Lab: By using the websites, students will:

a. Students will need to establish a file on the desktop for their research and pictures.

b. Compile information on the historical sites.

c. Collect several pictures for each site.

d. With Power Point open, students will need to:

            1.1. Produce a title page with a graphic

            2.2. One slide explaining the trip.

            3.3. Construct two slides per historical site

            4.4. Last slide need to evaluate the trip



·        Students will present their projects to the class, including a map showing their destinations.

·        Students will evaluate the project adding their comments on any changes that could be made.