Welcome to Alice Smith Elementary

Principal: Mrs. Sandra Aird
Assistant Principal: Ms. Susan Young

School Address: 1070 Beckwourth Dr, Reno, Nevada 89508

General Phone:  (775) 677-5410

General Email:  SmithAlice@washoeschools.net


Daily Schedule:


                     Sierra Kids

  7:30 a.m.  –  9:10 a.m.
  3:30 p.m. -- 6:00 p.m.


  8:55 a.m.  –  9:25 a.m. 



                   Grades K – 6

  9:30 a.m.  -  3:30 p.m.



                   Office Hours

  8:00 a.m. – 4:30  p.m.



WASHOE COUNTY INFORMATIONhttp://www.washoe.k12.nv.us/ For school information and inclement weather closings.

 Note:  Students not attending the breakfast program are not to be at school before 9:10 a.m.  as there is no teacher on duty until that time.   Thank you for your help!

Dear Parents,

         Welcome to Alice Smith Elementary School! 

         We look forward to a full and rewarding year.  Our main goal is to educate every child to his or her full potential and to help prepare our students to be college and career ready.  For our returning students, it is great to see you again.  For our new students, we are confident you will soon feel comfortable and successful in your new school.

         Our school has been providing quality education to Washoe County for 20 years.  Our staff is dedicated to providing a learning environment that is positive, rigorous, supportive, and one that will offer every child the opportunity to succeed. Our website contains important links to calendars and information about the many systems of support here at Alice Smith.  Please visit our website at http://www.washoecountyschools.org/asmith/.  We also have a facebook page, please visit our page to read information as well as hear of important events happening at Alice Smith.  It is hoped that when you read our ABC’s handbook with your child you will each attain a better understanding of Alice Smith Elementary School and to use this handbook as a guide for the expectations and procedures at Alice Smith.

         A child’s education does not begin or end at school.  Every waking moment is a learning experience of some kind.  The majority of educational experience takes place in the home as well as at school and is most successful when everyone is actively involved.  Communication between home and school is essential.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are a team and we need to work together so we can help your child become successful in reaching maximum development each year.  We are looking forward to a partnership with you in providing the best educational opportunities. 

         We thank you for your continued support.


                                                             Sandra Aird, Principal

         The  A  B  C's   of               
  Alice Smith Elementary School


Absence Awareness:  If your child will be absent, please call 677-5410 to leave a message.  Please state your child’s name, grade, teacher and reason for absence.  If you know your child will be absent for more than one day, please advise the reason and number of days of expected absence.  The school will begin their safe to school calls if we have not heard from parents by 10:00 a.m.  

Attendance:  In keeping with the district’s attendance policy, which states that students are required to attend school for at least 90% of the school year, we strongly encourage regular attendance.  Consistent attendance by the child is essential to his or her education progress; therefore, absences should be kept to a minimum.  When your child returns to school, a written note must be sent stating date of absence, reason for absence and your signature.  Absences for reasons other than illness or medical appointments must be pre-arranged through the principal.

 Make-up work must be completed regardless of whether the absence is excused or unexcused.  Make-up work may be picked up by your child upon their return to school.  S/he will be given a like amount of time plus one day to complete the work.  Please remember that much of what your child learns comes directly from one on one contact with the teacher.  It cannot be duplicated on a piece of paper.  We appreciate your help in this matter.  Please see the “Parents” tab on the district’s website for the state attendance policy. 

Arrival and Dismissal:  Supervision of the playground begins 15 minutes before the bell.  Please do not send your child to school early as there will be no adult on the playground.  Promptness to class is extremely important (first bell rings at 9:23 am).  Students are to be in their seat ready for instruction when the final bell sounds (9:30 a.m.).  Interruptions due to tardiness take away teaching time, which is unfair to those students whom are using this time to learn.  Tardy students are to report to the office as soon as they arrive at school. 

 Students are not to linger on the playground after school.  Students need to leave school immediately and check in at home to ensure all children return to home safely and on time.  Students riding the bus are to load the bus immediately and not wait or huddle with friends outside of the buses.  

Bullying:  Bullying has become a frequently used term to describe tension between students.  At Alice Smith we take incidences of bullying very seriously.  Washoe County School District has a specific policy and procedures in place for school administrators to use when working with cases of bullying.  The law defines bullying as: “Bullying" means a willful act or course of conduct on the part of one or more pupils which is not authorized by law and which exposes a pupil repeatedly and over time to one or more negative actions which is highly offensive to a reasonable person and is intended to cause and actually causes the pupil to suffer harm or serious emotional distress. At Alice Smith we work to teach our students the definition of bullying, ways to combat it and the difference between acts of bullying and mutual conflicts between students. 

Bicycles/Scooters:  Any student riding a bike or scooter to school must supply a lock.  The school is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft.  Bikes or scooters should not be ridden on the school grounds. Once on school grounds, students will walk their bicycles and carry their scooters.   Failure to obey rules may result in loss of your bike/scooter privileges for up to 5 days. 

Cell phones:  We understand that parents allow their children to have cell phones for safety and emergency purposes, however, once on school grounds (and on the bus) cell phones are to be turned off and placed in the student’s backpack.  If a student does not have a backpack then his/her teacher will hold the phone until the end of the school day.  Any cell phone found on a student or in a student’s desk during the school day (this includes recess) will be confiscated immediately and an adult will be called to retrieve the phone from the school. 

Common Core State Standards: 
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are the newly adopted teaching standards for the state of Nevada.  The teachers at Alice Smith use these standards when designing a rigorous curriculum for our students.  Please feel free to ask your child’s teachers about the CCSS. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be scheduled once a year and are typically held in October.  Please make every attempt to attend.  However, if you have a concern during any time of the school year, please feel free to schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher.  An appointment may be made by contacting the teacher directly. 

Counselor:  Alice Smith is assigned a school counselor every day and an additional half time counselor who is on campus for half of each day.  Our counselors offer classroom guidance, friendship groups and can assist families and children by helping to identify those children who may need assessment testing. Our Counselors also have helpful information on parenting and community resources.

Discipline:  Please review our information regarding the Positive Behavior Support system in place at Alice Smith Elementary.  Please review our C.A.R.E.S. expectations with your child(ren) to ensure that everyone is aware of the behavior expectations at Alice Smith. 

Discriminiation:  In alignment with the cultural competency policies set by the Washoe County School District, discrimination of any form will not be tolerated.  If you or your child feels as though you/he/she has been discriminated against, please contact school administration immediately. 

Dress Code:  Alice Smith Elementary requires students to wear the adopted uniform of navy blue polo (collared) shirts and khaki pants or shorts (appropriate length).  There are shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies with the Alice Smith logo for purchase in the office.  Uniform acceptable clothing can be purchased at several local clothing stores including Walmart, Target, Old Navy, The Gap, JC Penny, Sears and Gymboree. During winter months, navy sweatshirts/hoodies/jackets are encouraged.  If your child(ren) has a sweatshirt/jacket  in a color other than navy, he/she will be required to remove the sweatshirt/jacket once inside the building.  Students arriving at school in non-uniform clothing will be required to call an adult to bring the uniform.

Emergency Information:
  For the safety of your child due to illness or accident, it is imperative that the school have your current telephone numbers for work and home.  PLEASE CONTACT THE SCHOOL IMMEDIATELY SHOULD A CHANGE OCCUR.   Please complete the emergency information form in enrollment packet which advises us of those individuals who are allowed to pick up your children in the case of illness or accident. We will call an emergency contact in an emergency if we cannot get in touch with parents. These individuals must be 18 years or older. We need a note from the parent/guardian if an emergency contact other than the parent/guardian is picking up a student during the school day.  If you plan on being out of town for a day or longer, please let the school know who will be responsible for your child in case of illness or accident.

Electronic Devices:
  As the popularity of electronic devices increases, so do the incidences of students bringing them to school.  Please know that Ipods, Itouches, and any portable gaming device are prohibited from school and will be confiscated and kept in the office until a parent is able to retrieve it.  Nooks, Kindles and other “E reader” devices are allowed for reading purposes only, however, students chose to bring these at their own risk and the school will not be liable if they are lost, stolen or damaged.  

Health:  Should your child be ill or hurt at school, we have a clinical aide who will attend to the child’s immediate needs. Sick children, however, belong at home.  Please do not send your child to school if s/he has had the following in the last 24 hours: 
  1. Is vomiting
  2. Has a temperature of 100.0 or higher
  3. Has diarrhea
  4. Has obvious severe cold or flu symptoms (sneezing, congestion, running nose, persistent cough or sore throat)
  5. Has red, itchy, burning eyes with drainage.  This can be a symptom of conjunctivitis or pink eye (usually very contagious and require treatment by your doctor).  A child may return to school after a minimum of 24 hours of antibiotic treatment.
  6. Has a rash 
Homework:  WCSD defines homework as: “any school work that is required to be done outside of the regular instructional day, and includes assignments of short term and long term duration.  Conventional purposes for homework are practice, preparation, check for understanding and development of work habits.  Alice Smith teachers often assign homework and parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher with questions regarding homework.  On average nightly homework should not exceed 15 minutes for kindergarteners, 30 minutes for first through third graders and 45 minutes for fourth through sixth grades. 
Hot Lunch: Your child may participate in the hot lunch program or bring cold lunch.  Prices for school lunch are:  Full Price (includes milk) $2.50 a day; milk only is $.75.  Students may prepay money into his/her lunch account or may pay cash on a daily basis.  The district website has information regarding prepaying lunch online and using this service is highly recommended.  Borrowing from the school is not recommended and may only be done once.  If your child does need to borrow for lunch the school will provide lunch money one time with the expectation that the money will be paid back to the school the next day. If you apply for free or reduced lunch, please remember that your child will need to pay full price each day until the application has been approved. 

Infinite Campus
:  The Infinite Campus Parent Portal is the newest system of communication between teachers and students.  Parents who visit the portal will see their child’s grades, attendance information, behavior reports and any other messages from the teacher and school.  We highly recommend that parents utilize the parent portal to its fullest capacity as it is an excellent source for keeping track of your child’s progress in school.  You can access the parent portal by visiting the school district website.  An entry or login key is required for first time users.  Please contact the school office for information regarding the login in key. 

Intervention Assistance Team
:  The Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) is a team of teachers and ancillary staff members who meet to discuss specific student progress and data.  The team’s objective is to decide what services best would benefit struggling learners. 

Inclement Weather:  Occasionally WCSD will call a delayed school start due to poor road conditions.  In the event that a delayed school start is called:

The district will notify all families through a Connect Ed phone call.  If you are not receiving the call please contact our school secretary so that we may update your information in Infinite Campus.

  • School district announcements are made through the various news channels, radio stations and the school district website at http://www.washoe.k12.nv.us/
  • If a two hour delay is called Alice Smith Elementary School will start at 11:30 am and your child’s bus will leave the bus stop two hours later than the normally scheduled time (example: if your child’s bus leaves the bus stop at 9:00 am it will leave at 11:00 am on a two our delay).
  • Sierra Kids before school program is cancelled on delayed start days and breakfast is not served. Please do not drop off your child prior to the delayed start time as there will be no supervision for our students prior to school starting. 
  • If a delayed start is called on a Wednesday, school is released at 3:30 pm. 
Join us:  For Back to School Night in August, Harvest Festival in October, Pancakes with Santa in December, Spaghetti Feed and Auction in March and various other family activities at Alice Smith.  Look for specific dates and times on the calendar and on our website.

Leaving School Grounds:  If a child must leave during any part of the school day, a note should be presented to the teacher that morning advising when the student will be leaving and who will be picking up the student.  The adult must come to the office and sign  the student out.  The student needs to come through the school office if s/he returns before the end of the day.  

Library Rules and Book Fairs:  Remember to keep books in a safe place when your child brings them home from the library.  The family is responsible for paying the fines if a book is damaged or lost.  Your child has a specific day each week to visit the library in order to check out or return books.  Watch for the announcements for our Book Fairs. 

Make-up Work
:  Although make-up work cannot take the place of student-teacher interaction, make-up work will be required by classroom teachers.  It is the responsibility of the student to request and return the make up assignments.  If a student has an excused absence for a medical reason and does not request and turn in missing assignments the excused absences could be used against the student’s 90% attendance.

  The district has welldefined, strict policies dealing with children in grades K-8, who are required to take medication at school.  Please see Policy on Administration of Medication which is available in the clinic.  If your child requires medication during school hours, see the Consent and Request form for your physician included in the above-referenced Policy on Administration of Medication. 

A school nurse is assigned to Alice Smith but is not in attendance every day.  Therefore, other school personnel will be dealing with children who are injured or ill in the nurse’s absence.  The nurse is in touch with the school at all times and is available for emergencies.  No one, including the school nurse, is qualified to diagnose or treat a student’s illness.   Some services a school nurse provides are:  screening for scoliosis, visual and hearing problems; health appraisal and health counseling; conferencing with parents; communicable disease control; checking for a healthful and safe environment; and health education.  

ersonal Belongings/Property:  Students are discouraged from bringing valuable items to school.  Students should leave ALL toys at home.  If students bring a ball of some sort from home, he/she does so with the understanding that he/she is responsible for the ball, not the school, and the ball should be labeled with the student’s name.  All students are responsible for any instruments, books, equipment, or other items that they have on campus, whether they are owned by the student or have been entrusted to the student by the WCSD or by others.   

Please be aware that WCSD is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to any such items whether in the student’s possession or stored/left on school property. 

Progress Reports:  At Alice Smith it is up to the individual teacher or grade level as to whether or not mid term progress reports are sent home with students.  However, we want to continually encourage our families to us the Infinite Campus parent portal to check the progress of their child(ren).  

Positive Behavior Support: 
Positive Behavior Support or PBS is the multi-tiered system put in place at Alice Smith in order to take a proactive approach to school wide and individual discipline issues.  Please see our complete information guide regarding PBS on our website. 

Report Cards:  Alice Smith sends home a trimester report card which coincides with our breaks.  They will be issued three times during the year and are designed to give you a written report of your child’s progress. 

Response to Intervention:  Response to Intervention (RTI) is a system of support for students struggling to work at grade level.  If a student is struggling, a concerned teacher will begin conversations with the Intervention Assistance Team regarding ways to provide direct assistance to the student in the attempt to bring him/her up to grade level.  Response to Intervention has three different “Tiers”.  Tier I represents the general population or students performing at grade level.  Tier II is the first level of small group instruction.  If your child is placed in Tier II, the teacher will contact you via phone and send a letter home indicating the placement.  If a student continues to struggle in Tier II, he/she will be placed in Tier III.  Within the Tier III level, interventions are changed and the focus is more intensive.  When a student is placed in Tier III, the parents are to be contacted and the teacher is required to meet with the parents to explain the process.  

Safety: WCSD along with Alice Smith have very strict safety procedures put in place in order to ensure that all of our students are kept safe while at school.  Please see the district website for more detailed information regarding lock down and other district procedures. 

Whinnies are awards given to students who are representing the Alice Smith C.A.R.E.S. expectations as defined by our Positive Behavior Support guidelines.  Students who earn whinnies will receive recognition in various forms.

All visitors must report to the front office to sign in register and receive a visitor badge.  If you are volunteering at Alice Smith in the classrooms or as a field trip volunteer, the School Volunteer Registration form must be completed and turned in to the office before volunteering can begin.


Updated 8/6/13