Washoe Country School District

July 24, 2014

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LaMarca, Paul

Title Chief, Office of School Performance
Email PLamarcawashoeschools.net
Local 775-325-2036

Lancaster, Elaine

Title Executive Director, WEA
Email ELLancasterwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-828-6748
Local 775-828-9282 ext 3025

Lane, Erin

Title Principal, Lemmon Valley ES
Email EBurrowswashoeschools.net

Lang, Denise

Title Administrative Assistant, Reed HS
Email DLangwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-353-5708
Local 775-353-5700

Lange, Doylene Kay

Title Clerk, Psych & SpEd Records
Email KLangewashoeschools.net
Fax 775-861-4497
Local 775-861-4407

Langsdale, Teru

Title AT Consultant, Student Support Services
Email TLangsdalewashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-5318
Local 775-333-5036

Lapenta, Dr. Bryn

Title Senior Director, Office of Accountability
Email BLapentawashoeschools.net
Fax 775-348-0226
Local 775-325-2079

Larsen, Barbara

Title UNR Graduate-Researcher, Office of Accountability
Email blarsenwashoeschools.net
Local 775-333-3778

Larson, Lori

Title Records & Communications Manager, School Police
Email LALarsonwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-348-0265
Local 775-348-0285

Lasic, David

Title Project Manager, Deputy Superintendent
Email dlasicwashoeschools.net
Local 775-789-4618

Lauf, Molly

Title Assistant Principal, Beasley/Sepulveda ES
Email mlaufwashoeschools.net

Lawson, Maureen

Title Project Manager, Educational Technology, Staff Development
Email MLawsonwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-5097
Local 775-789-3422

Lay, Thomas

Title AV Technician, Staff Development
Email tlaywashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-5097
Local 775-789-3837

Lee, Kara

Title Dean, Pine MS
Email keleewahoeschools.net

Lehmann, Jeff

Title Materials Distribution Supervisor
Email JLehmannwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-348-0218
Local 775-348-0365

Leonhard, Gina

Title Principal, Shaw MS
Email GLeonwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-425-7779
Local 775-425-7777

LeVitt, Robert

Title Assistant Principal, Reno HS
Email RLeVittwashoeschools.net

Lewis, Gay

Title Administrative Secretary, Corbett ES
Email GLewiswashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-5184
Local 775-333-5180

Lewis, Selene

Title Technician, HR Employee Services
Email slewiswashoeschools.net
Local 775-348-0214

Lewis, Susan

Title Administrative Assistant, Spanish Springs HS
Email SHLewiswashoeschools.net
Fax 775-425-7735
Local 775-425-7733

LiCon, Melissa

Title HS Program Coordinator, Gifted & Talented
Email MLiconwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-345-7493
Local 775-345-7491

Lieberstein, Sharon

Title Assistant Principal, Reed HS
Email sliebersteinwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-353-5708
Local 775-353-5700

Lightfoot, Lisa-Marie

Title Coordinator, Volunteer Services
Email LLightfootwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-851-5669
Local 775-851-5677

Lindeen, Chad

Title Principal, Traner MS
Email CLindeenwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-5135
Local 775-333-5130

Linkey, Laura

Title Medicaid Technician, Student Support Services
Email LLinkeywashoeschools.net
Fax 775-861-4436
Local 775-861-4450

Lippman, Maria

Title Payroll Technician, Payroll Dept
Email MLippmanwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-348-0247
Local 775-348-0234

Liptrap, JoLee

Title Secretary, Principals Training Program
Email jliptrapwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-5097
Local 775-789-3424

Littlefield, Cyndy

Title Payroll Technician, Payroll Dept
Email CLittlefieldwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-348-0247
Local 775-348-0211

Loeschner, Barbara

Title Bookkeeper, Incline HS
Email BLoeschnerwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-832-4208
Local 775-832-4260

Loftin, Lou

Title Staff Development Trainer, Regional Professional Development Program
Email LLoftinwashoeschools.net
Local 775-861-1248

Long, Lois

Title Secretary, Staff Development Services
Email LLongwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-851-5649
Local 775-850-8013

Long, Neal

Title On-Call Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper, Extended Studies
Email nlongwashoeschools.net
Local 775-353-6993

Long, Sarah

Title Virtual & Blended Learning Specialist, Communications Department
Email smlongwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-348-0397
Local 775-789-4611

Loudon, Katherine

Title Coordinator, Guidance Counseling Services
Email KLoudonwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-850-8020
Local 775-721-5284

Lowe, Nancy

Title Executive Assistant, Office of the Superintendent
Email NLowewashoeschools.net
Fax 775-348-0304
Local 775-325-2093

Luna, Rob

Title Fiscal Administrator, State & Federal Programs
Email RLunawashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-5012
Local 775-348-0212

Lund, Lois

Title Mail Clerk, Mail Center
Email LLundwashoeschools.net
Local 775-348-0239

Lundquist, SaraBeth

Title Program Services Specialist, Child & Family Services
Email slundquistwashoeschools.net
Local 775-327-0676

Lunk, Jackie

Title Office Assistant, Student Support Services
Email JLunkwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-861-4496
Local 775-861-4407

Lyman, Walt

Title Investigator, Office of the General Counsel
Email WCLymanwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-325-2088
Local 775-348-0276

Lynch, Kimberly

Title Grant Accountant, State & Federal Programs
Email KLynchwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-5012
Local 775-348-0333

Lynch, Steve

Title Planning Project Manager I, Capital Projects
Email SLynchwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-851-5658
Local 775-789-3843