Washoe Country School District

August 19, 2014

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 Assessing Process

To Get Started

Dear Parent/Guardian:


While most referrals are started at the school site, if you would like to request testing for your child, please complete the GT-3 Parent Authorization for Eligibility Testing form and submit it to the counselor at your student's school.

Information on your student will be obtained from teachers, counselors, and district records using the forms listed below.  Once we receive a complete referral from the MTSS team, and it is deemed to be appropriate by the GATE Administrative Review Committee, testing will take place within approximately three to four months from our receipt date. We do not contact parents/guardians prior to going to the schools to test.  If GATE testing is not warranted, you will be notified in writing.

Students are required to meet specific criteria established by the Nevada State Department of Education and WCSD.  The student’s general cognitive abilities will be evaluated using an individually administered IQ test. An IQ test measures general intellectual abilities in nonverbal and verbal areas. A score at or above the 98th percentile automatically qualifies your child for GATE programming. If your child scores below the 98th percentile, additional matrix factors are considered, such as: the results of the Student Nomination Form and Checklist, state testing scores when available, benchmarks, Title 1 school, free or reduced lunch, English language learner, Special Education or Section 504, enrollment in another district’s GATE program, grades, etc.  Students who score at the 99th percentile or higher are considered for the School Within a School (SWAS) program for highly gifted students. 

After testing occurs, a result letter will be sent in the US mail typically within one month of testing. Schools are also notified of the eligibility determination. Once a student is certified GATE they are always certified GATE and invited to participate in our programs.  

Students will only be tested for GATE twice in their school career. If a second evaluation is requested, all the steps mentioned above will be repeated after a minimum of 1 calendar year.

Gifted and Talented Education Program Forms

  • GT-1    Student Nomination form for Counselor

  • GT-2    Student Nomination Checklist for Teachers

  • GT-3    Parent Authorization Test Form (Spanish)

  • GT-4     MTSS Team GATE referral form



If your student particpated in GATE at their last school, please fill out the Release of Information form, so we may request their GATE certification information. This form should also be give to the counselor along with the GT-3.