Washoe Country School District

July 28, 2014

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Office of Human Resources

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Human Resources is to recruit, select, support, and retain a diverse and high-performing workforce to improve student achievement.

Major Functions                                                  Human Resources Diversity Image

Employee Services Department
       Employee transactions
       Onboarding, new employee orientation
       Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
       Record management and retention
Labor Relations Department
       Investigative Due Process notification and process
       Negotiations process with five (5) bargaining units
       Grievances and complaints
       Arbitration cases
Recruitment and Staffing Department
       Recruitment and selection
       Workforce diversity
       Liaison to the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) and Commission on Professional Standards in Education
       Student internship process
       Substitute services
       Online application system and background screening
Risk Management Department
       Health benefits for WCSD employees, retirees and dependents
       Property, liability, and workers’ compensation losses and related claims
       Property, liability and workers’ compensation excess insurance programs
       Safe and healthy working environment
       Employee health and wellness

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2011 Legislative Bills
  • AB 225 - Probationary period extended for current post-probationary licensed personnel.
  • AB 229 - Three (3) year probation for all new hires (administrators and teachers), adding "gross misconduct" for grounds of dismissal.
  • AB 393 - District required to develop policy for self reporting of licensed staff if arrested or convicted of a crime.