Washoe Country School District

August 20, 2014

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Group Insurance Committee

The purpose of the Group Health Plan Insurance Committee (Committee) is to oversee the activities of and to recommend to the Board of Trustees policy for the Washoe County School District’s self-insured medical and dental programs referred to as the District’s Group Health Plan (Plan) and the Plan’s funding instrument referred to as the Group Health Plan Insurance Trust Fund as authorized by the Board of Trustees.
The Committee is composed of ten (10) members representing the following groups: 
  • Teacher employees (4 representatives) 
  • Classified employees (2 representatives) 
  • Certified Administrator employees (1 representative) 
  • Retirees (1 representative) 
  • Professional Technical/Psychologist employees (1 representative) 
  • Non-represented Management employees (1 representative)
Current Committee Members include: