Washoe Country School District

July 30, 2014


Open Enrollment 2011

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Open Enrollment 2012

Open Enrollment Information & Forms

The District's Health Insurance and Section 125 Open Enrollment for Benefit Year 2012 has begun and will continue through November 18, 2011.  All changes will be effective January 1, 2012. American Fidelity representatives will be at the schools and work sites to assist with enrollment.

The District offers a Saint Mary's based EPO plan and PPO plan and also a Renown based EPO plan and PPO plan. Please be sure to read your Open Enrollment brochure for more information about these plans and how to make a plan change or add/delete dependents.

IMPORTANT! If you choose a Saint Mary's or Renown EPO plan, there will be a $162.08 monthly premium to be paid by the employee for his/her coverage.  There is no employee-paid premium for employee coverage under the Saint Mary's or Renown's PPO plans.
Employees must meet with an American Fidelity representative to make their Section 125 Plan elections/changes. Please note that all Section 125 pretax elections must be renewed each year for them to continue the next calendar year. This includes pre-taxed premiums such as employee-paid health premiums and Flexible Spending Accounts.

For more information, please see the links below.
Sample CDS Form - Must be taken to American Fidelity Appointment
Saint Mary's Hospital Providers: www.saintmaryshealthplans.com
Renown Medical Group Providers: www.hometownhealth.com