Washoe Country School District

July 23, 2014

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Vision Plan

Vision benefits are provided through a company called Vision Service Plan (VSP). The District pays the full premium for eligible Employees and their eligible Dependents so there is no premium cost to Employees. (Note: Part-time Certified Employees will pay a prorated amount based on their FTE.)
Here is a brief overview of your eyecare benefits:

  • Eye Examinations - Once every 12 months (from your last date of service)
  • Spectacle Lenses - Once every 24 months (from your last date of service)
  • Frames - Once every 24 months (from your last date of service)
  • Co-payment - $10.00 for the Eye Examination
  • There are additional charges for such items as: Blended and/or Oversize lenses; Contact lenses; Progressive lenses; Photochromic or tinted lenses other than pink 1 or 2; coated ot laminated lenses; a frame that exceeds the plan allowance; UV protected lenses

For a complete description of the vision benefits available to you, please visit the VSP website at www.vsp.com.
This program has a Preferred Provider list of eye doctors. You do not have to use a Preferred Provider. However, benefits will be paid at a reduced reimbursement schedule if you choose to use a Non-Preferred Provider. To locate a VSP Preferred Provider, please visit the VSP website at www.vsp.com.