Washoe Country School District

July 24, 2014

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Transition Services


Mission Statement

The mission of the Transition Services department is to assist students as they prepare for the transition to their post-secondary adult lives. Transition Services create opportunities for students to envision their potential for post-secondary education, meaningful employment, and community involvement. The outcome for students is to become independent and productive members of society.

Transition Services

Transition Services, a department of Student Support Services, provides services to transition age (14+) high school students with disabilities. Transition Services facilitates programs such as Community Based Vocational Exploration and Training, Work Experience, etc. All Transition Services procedures and forms are located on the Washoe County School District website. The Transition Services also maintains a resource library.
The Transition Services Consultants provide technical assistance and professional development to teachers and staff to meet the needs and post-secondary goals of students transitioning to adult life after high school. In addition, the Transition Services Consultants collaborate with community agencies and adult service providers to facilitate the transition planning process in the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for students, teachers and families.
Opportunities are available for high school students with disabilities to gain information about post-secondary opportunites ie: local community colleges, four year universities, career, and trade schools.

Community Based Vocational Exploration and Training (CBVET)

The Community Based Vocational Exploration and Training Program provides non-paid vocational training placements for high school students with disabilities. Sites are established at businesses throughout the community near area high schools. Community Based Vocational Exploration and Training is most appropriate for students unable to seek competitive employment without support(s).
The Community Based Vocational Exploration and Training experience allows students to learn and practice basic employability skills in real-world settings. School personnel supervise and assist the students at the job site. The staff monitors and evaluates all aspects of the Community Based Vocational Exploration and Training placement.

Work Experience

The Special Education Work Experience Program allows high school students with disabilities to receive elective credit for employment or authorized volunteer/community service. Work Experience credit does not replace or supplement standard class credit. A student earns credit by being employed. A half credit (0.5) is earned for every 60 hours worked. Credits are limited to no more than three (3) credits per semester. Total Work Experience credits may not exceed a maximum of six (6) over the course of a student’s high school experience. For more information, please contact cchaump@washoeschools.net.






Contact Information

Transition Services Location

1325 Corporate Blvd., Suite D
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 327-3940 Phone
(775) 857-3183 Fax

Transition Services Staff

Linda S. Valle
VOICE Program Consultant
(775) 327-3940 ext. 35611

Claudine Chaump
Work Experience / VOICE Secretary
(775) 327-3940 ext. 35610
Mary Hardin
Program Consultant
(775) 327-3940 ext. 35623
Community Based Career Exploration & Training Liaison III
(775) 327-3940 ext. 35622
Salia Smith
Job Training Facilitator
(775) 327-3940 ext. 35621