Washoe Country School District

July 23, 2014

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e-Link is the new Web Application that the Transportation Department has provided for better and more accurate School Bus information to be delivered to Parents!

e-Link is your way to find your school and bus route details


Looking up Addresses for 2013-2014 School Year?

E-Link will display your attendance area school, your bus number, the nearest stop to your house, and pick up and drop off times. Throughout the school year, pick up and drop off times may change. Parents will be notified anytime schedule changes are necessary.


*NOTES: If you see "The home address could not be automatically located on the map" in red text at the top of the page and "Home street not found - closest matches", followed by a pull down menu in the middle of the page, find your exact street on the pull down menu, then click on the blue "Use Selected Match" link. Then click the Find School/Transportation info button again.

If you do not see a bus number, this probably means that your student is "new" to the area and there is not currently a bus traveling to that area, or the closest stop is further away than the maximum walk distance. In both cases you should contact the Transportation Department.

To check bus route information or school attendance areas using E-Link, simply click here.

For a more detailed guide to using E-link, please call Transportation at (775) 337-7769.


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