Washoe Country School District

August 22, 2014

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Who is eligible to ride the school bus, and how is the distance between a school and student’s residence measured to determine students eligibility for transportation?

Transportation of students by bus will be considered under the following conditions:

  1. For elementary students, if the shortest walking distance is more than one (1) mile. ―One-way‖ transportation will be provided for students attending kindergarten in the school for which they will be regularly zoned for first grade. Morning kindergarten students will be provided transportation to school on regularly scheduled elementary buses. Afternoon kindergarten students will be provided transportation from school on regularly scheduled elementary buses. Parents are responsible for transportation from school for morning kindergarten students and to school for afternoon kindergarten students.
  2. For middle school students, if the shortest walking distance to the school is more than two (2) miles.
  3. For high school students, if the shortest walking distance to school is more than three (3) miles

What is the procedure for getting transportation for a student?
All transportation forms are electronically completed and submitted. The form will be completed by the school and submitted electronically to the PC to be reviewed and forwarded to transportation. The parent will receive a copy, which they will be required to sign and provide to the bus driver on the first day of school.

How can I determine my student(s) bus stop location(s) and arrival times(s)?
Use E-Link to find your Bus schedule and Locations Can my child ride home with another student? Student must have a signed note from the parent and school.

Is there transportation for after school activities?

What if I registered my student for school and Transportation Department does not show I requested transportation?
The student can go into the office and get the information.

What can I do if my bus is delayed?
Call the Dispatch Office @ 353-5900

What is the maximum number of students on a bus?
The standard school bus has a capacity of 3 students per seat on an 84 passenger bus.

How are bus stops determined?
When you put your address into the E-link, the computer will find the closest and safest bus stop to your home.

If I move how will the bus driver know?
Inform the school office of your new address and your new information will be updated in the computer.

Who do I call if I have a complaint about a bus driver or bus stop?
Call the Dispatch office @ 353-5900

Can my child get off at any bus stop he wants?
You must turn in a written note to the the office signed by the parent.

What time should my child get to the bus stop?
Arrive to the bus stop 5 minutes before scheduled departure time.