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July 22, 2014

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Welcome to Volunteer Services!



It is a great feeling to help a child and our community!  With the intention to help our students and our community you too can make a difference! Volunteer Services recruits volunteers for 103 schools and 21 departments/programs through online sources, free media, and community engagement to provide academic support such as tutoring and classroom aides, staff and family support. For the past eleven years, under the leadership of Lisa-Marie Lightfoot, Volunteer Services has been coordinating community resources and supporting staff as they enrich the educational experience of all Washoe County School District students.  


 Volunteer Services Community Advisory Board

Information about the Volunteer Services Community Advisory Board and its members.


 About Us


Volunteer Services has one full time Volunteer Services Administrator, one part-time (5 Hour) secretary and the state’s largest Americorps VISTA program in Nevada. We serve 20 areas of the WCSD Strategic Plan.  


Below are highlights of our 2011-2012 accomplishments: 

  • Volunteer Services screened 16,402 parent and community volunteers. 10,504 are parents to help WCSD schools, departments and programs. The estimated volunteer hours are over one million hours (1,722,210) with an estimated financial contribution of $17,222,100.00 based on a $10.00 per hour wage. (16,402 volunteers X 3 hours per week X 35 weeks a school year X $10.00 per hour) and $1,437,642 in grants, books, federal, state, and local programs and college student-workers .

  • Volunteer Services, school recruitment and community programs provided 5,898 community Volunteers from free Public Service Announcements, media opportunities, online recruiting publicity and community site recruiting opportunities.

  • Volunteer Services supports 20 areas of the WCSD Strategic Plan and the new Acceleration Zone.

  • Volunteer Services provided people and other resources for 103 schools and 21 departments and programs.

  • Volunteer Services provided a summer NCCC team that worked in Plant Facilities inventorying chemicals that are hazardous to students at 13 high schools, 13 middle schools and 53 elementary schools and supported other school clean-up projects.

  • 71 college financial-aid student-workers from UNR, TMCC and CCNN provided Literacy, tutoring and 18,919 officer support hours at 51 schools, departments and programs.

  • Volunteer Services facilitated free work experience programs providing office workers, custodians, and numerous other educational support people, e.g. American Association of Retired Persons, Job Opportunities of Northern Nevada, Nevada State Welfare, Reno Housing Authority, Sierra Nevada Job Corps, court-order community service and the WCSD Light-Duty Program, providing 60 people resources and an estimated 48,000 hours, valued at $480,000, of help to 49 schools, programs and departments.

  • Volunteer Services established partnerships with United Way, Grassroots Books store and the Community Compact.

  • Volunteer Services acts as the WCSD liaison to the Community Compact, providing additional littercy volunteers and Resources.

  • Volunteer Services completed a volunteer training module with UNR for new teachers.

  • Volunteer Services supports the Distict initiatives such as the Superintendent’s Door To Door project (by providing screening and facilitating over 165 volunteers for the one day event), school registration, and other administrative directives as needed securing volunteers and community support. 

  • In 2011-2012, Volunteer Services prepared and submitted, over 25 grant proposals for literacy support and received and administeredgrants for RIF, E. L. Cord, May Foundation, Helen Close Foundation, Dermody Properties, Neighborhood Advisory Boards and TMCC Regents Grant and other grants and donations.

  • Episodic volunteering-Murals were done this summer at Mt. Rose, Cannan and Sparks Middle school.

  • We also facilitated participation at schools for over 70 community volunteer programs, e.g. Foster Grandparents, Jr. Achievement, Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers-Big Sister, Reno Rodeo Reading Roundup, First Tee, PAWS, etc.

  • Volunteer Services provided over 500  Reading Tutors as Literacy support for WCSD 


Volunteer Services Read & Succeed Accomplishments 


  • 103,381 books were provided through the Read & Succeed Incentive (Take-Home or Give-Away) Book Program and distributed to 55 schools/sites. With our Grassroots partnership and the financial support from City of Reno Neighborhood Advisory Boards, we will be providing over 200,000 books for the 2012-2013 school year.

  • The new Read & Succeed Exchange Book Program launched on October 23, 2012 and provided 25,000 books for site/students to exchange at over 71 community sites.

  • Read & Succeed Activity Book Program launched in June and provided over 10,000 activity books to local sites for families, e.g. Renown, St. Mary’s, Reno Homeless Shelter, Ronald McDonald House, Willow Springs, Children’s Cabinet, Kid’s Cottage, Head Start and Family Resource Centers.

  •  Volunteer Services expanded their services and support to include the following program in the 2012-2013 school year: The 2013 Read & Succeed Summer Literacy Program will provide s six week summer literacy support program to prevent summer knowledge loos for students that are interested in participating. This is a great program for English Language Learners. Volunteer Services is partnering with the WCSD ESL Department, United Way, Americorps VISTA, and Northern Nevada Food Bank to provide the program.

  • Volunteer and Parent reading, writing and math trainings are offered by Volunteer Services-Read To Me (Early Childhood), First Teacher Reading/Writing (Kindergarten), First Teacher Math (Kindergarten), Read & Succeed (K-6) and Math Paths (K-3). All trainings were designed by the WCSD Center for Teaching and Learning to assist teachers in the classroom and to support parents helping elementary students at home. Trainings are provided by E.L. Cord and have been made available to all elementary schools and Mariposa Academy (days or evenings at their convenience, Spanish or English) and all training materials are translated into Spanish. For more information about: On Going Volunteering. 20 trainings were provided to 440 of community volunteers and parents at 19 schools. 8 trainings are also being offered through Parent University, but are available to all elementary schools by request through Volunteer Services. 298 college Field Experience Practicum students from local college education programs were trained and scheduled as intervention resources for reading and math interventions at school sites. Each student provided 20 hours of tutoring. In 2013, with the school based training sites added, the number of trainings has tripled!


Contact Information


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Washoe County School District Volunteer Services Center
(Not the fingerprinting office)
494 Poplar St. Reno NV 89512
  Mailing Address: 425 East Ninth Street Reno, NV 89512
Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm
except weekends and holidays
Phone: (775) 348-0346
Fax: (775) 851-5669


Volunteer Services has the largest VISTA program in Nevada with 9 one-year VISTAs providing volunteer development and capacity building and 21 Summer VISTAs for tutoring in summer school and Reengagement Centers. For more information about: Our Americorps VISTA Program.



Volunteer and School Faculty Testimonials


Volunteer Testimonials

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