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July 27, 2014

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Overview of Volunteer Services




Ongoing Opportunies   |   Short-term Opportunities   

If you are interested in any of the opportunities at the links above, please contact Volunteer Services at volserv@washoeschools.net,  or (775) 348-0346.


Our Mission

To encourage school volunteerism and to recognize, honor and appreciate volunteers who have made significant contributions to Washoe County School District students. To honor and recognize the value of all volunteer contributions in Washoe County School District as family and community support for the success of all school children. To involve WCSD employees in providing regular recognition for those volunteers meeting the " Exceptional Volunteer Award" criteria.

Volunteer Recognition Page




Our volunteers are an extremely valuable contribution to the success of our students and are an essential piece of what we do! When parents and families get personally involved with their childrens education, students tend to do better in school and are more likely to be successful in life, as well. When all community volunteers get personally involved with our students education, local community, WCSD, etc. they are the heart of our district and community. It is a great feeling to make a difference and help our children. Volunteers are cherished at all of our schools, at the Washoe County School District, and within our community. They hold a special place within all of our students hearts, the WCSD and within the community.

The WCSD Volunteer Services Department is responsible for coordinating the efforts of 16,000 volunteers, including the recruitment, screening, placement & retention/recognition, training, assessment for schools, programs & departments, program development, data collection, and record storage for all volunteers and volunteer groups. While coordinated at the district level, volunteering is mostly school based. If you are interested in volunteering through Volunteer Services in one of our tutoring programs, contact us at (775) 348-0346.



How to Apply


If you would like to begin volunteering with the WCSD, there are a few minor steps to complete. Your screening will include an ID check by either Volunteer Services or the staff from the school you are wanting to volunteer at. You will also have to fill out a Volunteer application that applies to you. The appropriate application can be found on this page under Volunteer or School Faculty Resources. The Volunteer Handbook, School Locator Map, Volunteer & Faculty Testimonials, FAQ's, Exceptional Volunteer Award Application and other resources for volunteers, school faculty, and major colleges/universities pages are also available below.

Thank you for your interest in helping our students and the WCSD! 




Please take in consideration that all applications may take up to three weeks to complete. A volunteer background check will take this amount of time to accomplish. Please remember this amount of time when planning to volunteer or attend a field trip. Overnight field trips require fingerprinting, and it may take six to eight weeks to have fingerprinting results returned.

Please fill out the appropriate application in addition to the Confidentiality Notice, Volunteer Tutor Questionnaire, and the Volunteer Screening Checklist.


 Volunteer Resources



“The WCSD reserves the right to disallow any individual from serving as a volunteer.” 


School Faculty Resources



Request for Volunteer Help


Volunteer Service Request Form

Request for Incentive Book Program (Read & Succeed) /
Converted Cards for Math Games

Defining “Volunteer” and “Other People” Resources

Sexual Harassment Policy Part II

Parent/Packet Letter

Spanish Parent/Packet Letter