Washoe Country School District

July 31, 2014

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School Improvement

Title I school improvement planning is intended to be cyclical and to help promote an ongoing climate of progress based on data, collaborative inquiry, and shared/supportive leadership in professional learning communities. In essence, the process follows five basic steps:

  1. Comprehensive needs assessment of all dimensions of school success
  2. Inquiry process identifying possible causes for or barriers to student success
  3. Master plan design consisting of complete action steps to improve student achievement in the determined area(s) of need
  4. Implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the school improvement plan
  5. Repetition of the process to review and revise as needed.

Title I offers support to principals and school improvement planning teams in developing school improvement plans and in evaluating their work on a regular basis. School improvement plans are available on-line as is a process for discussing action steps and reporting and analyzing student achievement.

The School Improvement Process Guide and all the forms necessary to complete the process are available to support schools in working on their plans and in completing the Washoe County School District school improvement plan template.