In order to graduate from McQueen High School, a student must successfully pass four years of required English. Elective English classes will not meet this requirement. Some English classes will meet a requirement for high school graduation but may not meet a college entrance requirement. All English classes are aligned with the Nevada State Standards for English.

The English Department:

To reach teachers at their phone extensions, call 746-5880 and leave a message following the voice prompts.

The best time to contact teachers is on their preparation period or before or after school. The daily schedule posted on the home page of this website lists times of each period on a normal school day.


TeacherContactExtensionPrep. period
Brewster-Meredith, Shellysbrewster@washoeschools.net326072
Callahan, Dawndcallahan@washoeschools.net321015
Condon, Patpcondon@washoeschools.net326131
Ellison, Amandaamellison@washoeschools.net326127
Hatcher, Carolinechatcher@washoeschools.net326111
Hickman, Peggyphickman@washoeschools.net321046
LaPointe, Kathrynklapointe@washoeschools.net321062
Marini, Jenniferjmarini@washoeschools.net322184
Merson, Jilljmerson@washoeschools.net324051
Newberry, Amieanewberry@washoeschools.net321023
Temple, Kiraktemple@washoeschools.net321033
Tuso, Betty (Dept. Leader)btuso@washoeschools.net321077
Vaughn, Suesvaughn@washoeschools.net321053

Honors/AP English

Freshman Honors English

Eighth graders (Class of 2014) who qualify for placement in Honors Freshman English (based on grades, test scores, and attendance records) will be sent information on the program and an application in the late spring (around May 20). The students who receive this information…

  • have a reading comprehension score showing scores in the 85th percentile or higher;
  • have excellent attendance, as shown in school records (fewer than 10 days per year);
  • have an A or A- in 8th grade Language Arts;
  • have current language Art teacher approval.

Students who receive the letter will need to send back an acceptance letter/application. Once we receive that, the student will be sent the required summer assignment.

Students who do not receive a letter of invitation in late May (or students currently enrolled in a school other than Billinghurst or Clayton): Students who wish to be in Honors English 1-2 can contact Betty Tuso by e-mailing her at McQueen (btuso@washoe.k12.nv.us) or calling the school and leaving a message for her or writing her a note and sending it to school. At the time of the contact, Mrs. Tuso will make an appointment with the student to come to McQueen to take a writing exam and receive an application.

Honors English 3-4, AP Language and Composition (AP English 5-6), AP Literature and Composition (AP English 7-8)

English Students currently NOT in Honors or AP English in grades 9-11 who wish to apply to be in the English Honors/AP program for the 2010-2011 school year… must attend an information session on the dates listed below. The required application will be given out at the meeting.

Students cannot receive the application unless they attend the information session.

  • All meetings are in room 106. Lunch meetings start at 12:05. Students should bring a wrapped lunch.
  • Make-up meetings start at 2:45 and are also held in room 106. Students should be on time to the meeting.


For current juniors (class of 2011): Feb. 8 (Monday), Make-up on Feb. 10

For current sophomores (class of 2012) Feb. 23 (Tuesday), Make-up on Feb. 25 (Wednesday)

For current freshmen (class of 2013) March 1 (Monday), Make-up on March 2 (Tuesday)

Make-up meeting for students who missed the meeting for their grade level: Wednesday, March 3

Students already in the Honors/AP English Program are NOT required to attend.


Course # Description Meets District
Graduation Requirements
Full Year/Fall/Spring Instructor Approval
Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
1115, 1116Read 180 1-2Yes* * *Full YearYesXXXX
1117, 1118Read 180 3-4Yes* * *Full YearYesXXXX
1201, 1202English 1-2YesFull YearNoX
1203, 1204Honors English 1-2YesFull YearYesX
1211, 1212English 3-4YesFull YearNo X
1213, 1214Honors English 3-4YesFull YearYes X
1231, 1232English 5-6YesFull YearNo X
1243, 1244AP English 5-6YesFull YearYes X
1259, 1260Mass Media English 7-8Yes*Full YearNo X
1251, 1252English 7-8YesFull YearNo X
1263, 1264AP English 7-8YesFull YearYes X
1409, 1410JournalismYes* *Full YearYesXXXX
1411, 1412Adv. JournalismYes* *Full YearYesXXXX
1327, 1328Creative WritingYes* *Full YearNoXXXX
1367, 1368Shakespeare/Renaissance LiteratureYes* * * *Year or SemesterNo X
1361, 1362Reading for PleasureYes* * *Year or SemesterNoXXXX
1403, 1404YearbookYes* * *Full YearYesXXXX
1407, 1408Adv. YearbookYes* * *Full YearYesXXXX

* These courses meet a high school graduation requirement but do not meet a UNR college entrance requirement for English and may not meet requirements at other post-secondary institutions.

* * Each semester of these courses will each meet .5 credit of the Humanities requirement; however, they do not meet English requirements.

* * * Each semester of these courses counts as elective credit only.

* * * * Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature meets the same requirements as English 7-8 and may be taken instead of English 7-8 or as an elective.

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Final Examinations and Core Finals in Regular English Classes

Students must take final exams at the end of the semester in all English classes. Half of the exam will consist of a “core” final exam that is common to all regular classes at each grade level. Individual teachers will also write and administer their own examinations to reflect specific units of study and vocabulary taught in their classes; this teacher-specific part of the final examination will count as half of the exam. The total final exam grade may count no less than 10 percent and no more than 25 percent of the student's semester grade (WCSD policy). Teachers in AP/Honors, support classes, freshman academy, and Media English have latitude in the weight and administration of the core final.

Contents of the "core" exams in regular classes

Writing prompt: All students will write to an assigned prompt in a 25-minute period on a designated day. Prompts are designed to be similar to the types of writing expected on the High School Proficiency Exam as well as the writing portions of both the SAT and the ACT college entrance exams. Students' writing for their final exam prompt will be scored holistically by two English teachers and factored into the overall final exam grade.

Multiple-choice Questions: The core final also consists of multiple-choice questions (40 questions for freshmen, 50 questions for students in grades 10-12).

Number of multiple-choice questions & standards assessed in "core" exams in regular classes

Numbers in the chart below reveal the number of multiple-choice questions for different standards. (Classroom instruction throughout both semesters will include direct instruction and assessment of reading and vocabulary standards as well as standards in listening and speaking.)

Standard # Description of standard Fall 9thSpring 9thFall 10thSpring 10th Fall 11thSpring 11thFall 12thSpring 12th
2.0Reading Process Skills 97115 88 67
3.0Reading Literary Text11811151027137
4.0Reading Expository & Persuasive Text51081012 1611
5.0Editing for Mechanics/Usage/Sentence Structure1010101010101020
6.0Write a variety of texts/Research55101010555
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