Fine Arts

Most fine arts courses will fulfill the Arts/Humanities/Occupational Education graduation requirement. Some courses may be repeated for credit. Some of the advanced courses offered within the Fine Arts Department require prior approval by the instructor, audition, and/or successful completion of a beginning level course before a student may enroll. Students and parents should also be aware that most courses offered in the Fine Arts Department require student participation in extra-curricular activities such as rehearsals and performances, public showings, and production as part of the course requirement.

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TeacherContactExtensionPrep. Period
Baker, Kennykdbaker@washoeschools.net321693
Burt, Maribeth (Department Leader)mburt@washoeschools.net321712,6
Meier, Danedmeier@washoeschools.net321417th
McKillip, Jeffjjmckillip@washoeschools.net321983
Moffit, Rickrmoffit@washoeschools.net321871,2
Skye Snyderssnyder@washoeschools.net321865

To reach teachers at their phone extensions, call 746-5880 and leave a message following the voice prompts.

The best time to contact teachers is on their preparation period or before or after school. The daily schedule posted on the home page of this website lists times of each period on a normal school day.


Course # Description Meets District
Graduation Requirements
Full Year/Fall/Spring Instructor Approval
Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Art courses
6011, 6012Art 1-2YesFull YearNoXXXX
6013, 6014Art 3-4YesFull YearNo XXX
6015, 6016Art 5-6YesFull YearNo XXX
6261, 6262AP/Studio Art, 2-Dimensional CourseYesFull YearNo XX
6021, 6022AP Advanced ArtYesFull YearNo XX
TBAAP 3D Studio ArtYesFull YearNo XX
6131, 6132CeramicsYesFull YearNo XXX
6133, 6134Ceramics 3-4YesFull YearNo XXX
6121, 6122Photography 1-2YesFull YearYes XXX
6251, 6252Fiber and Wearable ArtYesFull Year, Fall, SpringNoXXXX
Drama and Theater Courses
6451, 6452Drama 1-2YesFull YearNoXXXX
6453, 6454Drama 3-4YesFull YearNo XXX
6463, 6464Advanced DramaYes*Full YearYes XX
Debate and Public Speaking Courses
6415, 6416Public SpeakingYesFull YearNoXXXX
6411, 6412Speech and DebateYesFull YearYesXXXX
6413, 6414Advanced Speech/DebateYesFull YearYes XXX
Band, Choir and Orchestra Courses
6703, 6704Concert BandYesFull YearYesXXXX
6711, 6712Wind EnsembleYesFull YearYesXXXX
6751, 6752Color Guard/Flag TeamYesFull YearYesXXXX
6713, 6714Percussion Ensemble*YesFull Year, Fall, SpringYesXXXX
6707, 6708Jazz Band*YesFull YearYesXXXX
6801, 6802Concert ChoirYesFull YearYesXXXX
6803, 6804Advanced ChoirYesFull YearYes XXX
6809, 6810Women's ChorusYesFull YearYes XXX
6811, 6812A cappella/Jazz choirYesFull YearYes XXX
6819, 6820Vocal and Solo EnsembleYesFull YearYes XXX
6641, 6642Concert OrchestraYesFull YearYesXXXX
6645, 6646Sinfonia OrchestraYesFull YearYes XXX
6643, 6644Chamber OrchestraYesFull YearNo XXXX
6643, 6644Beginning/Int. GuitarYesFull YearYes XXX
General Music Courses
6605, 6606AP Music TheoryYesFull YearNoXXXX

* Students enrolled in Jazz Band and/or Percussion Ensemble must also be enrolled in another McQueen music performance class (i.e., Marching/Concert Band, Orchestra, or Choir).

_Note: Students in performance-based classes (e.g. band, orchestra, choir, debate, drama) are required to participate in after school, evening, and/or weekend performances or rehearsals. Students need not meet eligibility requirements if performances are part of the class, but if the event is outside the school site and/or strictly competitive, regular eligibility requirements must be met._

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