Honors World Geography; Course #4119, 4120

Full Year, .5 Credit per semester


Teacher recommendation, standardized test scores, and writing samples may be considered.

Special Materials/Fees

Colored pencils, recent almanac, and recent student atlas.

Course Content

Geography is the study of space and places on the Earth's surface. It is an integrative discipline that looks at the physical and human aspects of the Earth. Students will learn about the world by asking and answering geographic questions and by acquiring, organizing, and analyzing geographic information on global, national and local levels. The students will be encouraged to examine and understand the inter-connectedness of the world around them. Students will also be analyzing world demographics. An introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other computer applications will be provided and emphasized. Honors Geography is designed for students with strong skills and motivation. In order to remain in this class, students must follow the Honors Class Guidelines. A summer assignment is required.

Summer Assignment

Refer to the following web site for further information: http://mcqgeography.weebly.com

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