Honors World History; Course #4103, 4104

Full Year, .5 Credit per semester


Sophomore standing and English teacher recommendation.

Special Materials/Fees

A subscription to National Geographic is required. This can be obtained through the website (www.nationalgeographic.com). The subscription should begin by September.

Course Content

Honors World History traces the history of mankind from Paleolithic Era to the Modern World. The course will focus on major historical themes and civilizations including classical Greece and Rome, Medieval Europe, the Renaissance and Reformation, development of nation-states, major revolutionary movements, the World Wars, and Modern Middle East. There will be an emphasis on the significance of current events as they apply to history. Students will pursue historical study through primary source readings, research projects, group discussions, and directed readings. In order to remain in this class, students must follow the “Honors Class Guidelines” listed in this Course Offering Book. This course counts toward an honors diploma.


Instruction will be through a variety of techniques such as reading assignments, lecture, oral presentation, videos, and projects. Students in the class should anticipate lengthy reading assignments and projects that will require out-of-class time. A summer assignment is required.

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