World Languages

All world (foreign) language classes are electives. Students may enroll at any level, providing they have met the prerequisites. Washoe County eighth grade students have an opportunity to challenge the first year of a language bypassing the Credit-By-Exam, which will demonstrate mastery of material learned in middle school. (Students who pass a Credit-By-Exam for foreign language may not receive additional credit for taking the same level again in high school.) Depending on pre-enrollment figures, some foreign language classes may be combined or cancelled. Upper level language classes (5-6, 7-8, 9-10) will fulfill the Arts/Humanities/Occupational Education graduation requirement; upper level classes also count towards an honors diploma. wo years of the same world language are required to earn and Honors Diploma in Washoe County. Many universities require the study of a second language for entrance.


We are very proud to introduce the Robert McQueen Global Studies Program to incoming freshmen who will graduate in the class of 2015*! This program is designed to prepare students for life in the twenty-first century. Students will be immersed in course work dealing with world politics/economics, ecological balance, global interaction/diplomacy and international understanding. During the four-year course of study, students will study two world languages to the Advanced Placement™ level. McQueen currently offers French, German, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Other required courses will include AP Human Geography, AP US History, AP American Government, AP Comparative Government, Economics, AP Statistics, and AP Environmental Science. The following table is an example of what a student’s schedule would look like beginning in ninth grade:

World Lang. #1, 3-4World Lang. #1, 5-6World Lang. #1 APPossible Internship
World Lang. #2, 1-2World Lang. #2, 3-4World Lang. #2, 5-6World Lang. #2 AP
World HistoryAP Human GeographyAP Env ScienceEcon/AP Comp Gov't
ScienceScienceAP Env ScienceEcon/AP Comp Gov't
MathMathMathAP Statistics

In addition to the aforementioned course work, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Host a student from another country and/or participate in a brief “study abroad”
  • Listen to a guest lecture series with a focus on international policy, life, and culture
  • Sharpen their World Language translation skills
  • Increase their networking potential outside of the Northern Nevada area
  • Broaden their view of the world
  • Participate in an internship in a related field during the junior or senior year

Students interested in becoming a part of the McQueen Global Studies Program (GSP) must submit an application which can be obtained during registration from the high school counselor. Although it is preferable for Global Studies students to have begun world language study in middle school, this is not required. It is recommended that middle school students who wish to enroll in the program have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0. Students enrolled in this program are encouraged to take Health and Computers during the summer between 8th and 9th grade. They are also encouraged earn P.E. waivers by participating on a sports team and complete their P.E. credits outside of school by enrolling in the P.E. Options Program offered through WCSD Supplemental Credit. GSP students will be considered for enrollment in 7 classes if necessary in order to fulfill all requirements of the program. *Students in previous graduation classes may be considered for the Global Studies Program if they have studied two world languages since their freshman year and have completed the other required course work.

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TeacherContactExtensionPrep. periodSubject
Case, Chris (Department Leader)ccase@washoeschools.net321091German
Dougherty, Donaddougherty@washoeschools.net321135French/Spanish
Harris, Kristikharris@washoeschools.net321117Spanish
Nelson, Jennyjennelson@washoeschools.net321207Chinese/ELL
O’Neill, Belleboneill@washoeschools.net321752Spanish
Scutt, Brandonbscutt@washoeschools.net321361Spanish
Young, Rebeccaryoung@washoeschools.net321853German/Worls Geography

To reach teachers at their phone extensions, call 746-5880 and leave a message following the voice prompts.

The best time to contact teachers is on their preparation period or before or after school. The daily schedule posted on the home page of this website lists times of each period on a normal school day.


Course # Description Meets District
Graduation Requirements
Full Year/Fall/Spring Instructor Approval
Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
4551, 4552French 1-2NoFull YearNoXXXX
4553, 4554French 3-4NoFull YearNoXXXX
4555, 4556French 5-6Yes*Full YearNo XXX
4577, 4578, 4579, 4580AP French 7-10Yes*Full YearYes XX
4681, 4682German 1-2NoFull YearNoXXXX
4683, 4684German 3-4NoFull YearNoXXXX
4685, 4686German 5-6Yes*Full YearNo XXX
4697, 4698AP German 7-8Yes*Full YearYes XX
4611, 4612Spanish 1-2NoFull YearNoXXXX
4613, 4614Spanish 3-4NoFull YearNoXXXX
4615, 4616Spanish 5-6Yes*Full YearNo XXX
4641, 4642, 4639, 4640AP Spanish 7-10Yes*Full YearYes XX
4711, 4712Chinese 1-2YesFull YearNoXXXX
4713, 4714Chinese 3-4YesFull YearNo XXX
4715, 4716Chinese 5-6YesFull YearNo XX
4717, 4718AP Chinese 7-8YesFull YearNo XX

* These courses fulfill the Arts/Humanities/Occupational Education graduation requirement.

English Language Learners

The McQueen High School ELL Program is designed to meet the needs of students who come from countries where English is not the primary language. The main objectives of the ELL Program are to provide an opportunity for non- and limited-English-speaking students to learn English, acquire skills needed to successfully complete mainstream classes, achieve a high school diploma, and to have the opportunity to experience a successful high school career. Students qualify to enroll in ELL courses after appropriate testing and teacher/counselor assignment.

Students may enroll in ELL courses at any level as long as they fit within the definition of an ELL student. Ell students

  1. do not speak English, or
  2. are limited English-speaking, or
  3. their home language is not English, even if the student appears to speak fluent English.


ELL courses provide practice in all four basic English language skills: understanding the spoken word, speaking, reading, and writing. These skills associated with language acquisition are utilized as the basis for the selection of classroom materials and for the planning of ELL courses. Students who are enrolled in ELL Grammar or English courses may receive a maximum of two credits of English. Other ELL classes will be awarded elective credit.

Course # Description Fall/Spring/Year Meets District Grad. Req. Inst. Appr. Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
7611, 7612ELL Beginning EnglishYearXYXXXX
7613, 7614ELL Intermediate EnglishYearXYXXXX
7661, 7662ELL Mainstream SupportYear YXXXX
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