Scheduling Appointments


As of a result of budget cuts the counseling staff no longer has a secretary. If your questions/concerns cannot be answered by e-mail or phone please schedule an appointment with your childís individual counselor directly to best ensure the counselor is available.

  • Counselors are not available for drop-in due to schedule constraints.
  • For crisis emergencies please call 9-1-1 if warranted and the main office 784-5800.

Current Students

Appointments can be made by signing up on your counselorís sign-in folder at the counseling main desk.

  • Students are generally scheduled to be seen on the next school day.
  • During peak registration times appointments may not be taken.
    • At this time (and at any other time a counselor is not available) students may leave a note in the counselorís box.
    • The issue will be addressed as soon as possible.
  • In emergency situations a child is to not to schedule an appointment, but is to ask to see his/her counselor at that time.
    • If the specific counselor is not available another counselor can be seen.

Contacting Teachers

  • If you need to contact a teacher the quickest way will be e-mail.
  • If you would prefer a phone call, please leave a message through the main office by phone 746-5880 and then the phone extension to reach the teacher's individual line.
  • Click on the below link, and then the department you are looking for to get the teacher's e-mail address and phone extension/voicemail. Teachers e-mail addresses also can be found on Ed-Line.