Washoe Country School District

August 23, 2014

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Dining Brands

Cool*Caf combines FUN – colorful graphics and ACE, a friendly nutritional mascot – with NUTRITION – healthy eating messages, a peer group of healthy eaters, nutrition-balanced express sack lunches, and a fruit and vegetable bar. Designed especially for elementary students, Cool*Caf is a cool place to be seen eating cool food. Cool*Caf:
  • offers a new fruit and vegetable bar to increase healthy choices
  • recognizes students’ need to relax and refuel
  • delivers healthy messages through fun, engaging characters, images and words that bring the cafeteria to life while reinforcing the merits of making smart choices and eating right

With Cool*Caf, we’re taking school dining to a new level…nutritious, healthy selections, express sack lunches, learning, and fun!


The 12 Spot is a place middle school students can make all their own – designed for them and about them! With visual graphics that change on a seasonal basis, the 12 Spot reflects an atmosphere that changes almost as much as our middle school students do! Here students can spend time catching up with friends and enjoying quick, easy and healthy meal choices in a comfortable setting that reflects their lifestyle.


The U.B.U. Lounge is the oasis on the high school property that provides a universally appealing environment, designed for 9th – 12th grade students who are just about being themselves! Here, students can refuel with a variety of nutritious meals, express themselves, and re-energize for their afternoon classes and after-school activities in a comfortable setting that reflects their lifestyle. We even have a lounge area with chairs and a sofa for students to hang out and catch up with their friends! 

Both the 12 Spot and the U.B.U. Lounge are defined by effective, contemporary environmental components. Creative graphics, bold paint colors, convenient and fun food packaging, updated merchandising and casual staff uniforms create a relevant, trendy atmosphere. In turn, this atmosphere encourages healthier eating and enhances the customer satisfaction of our middle and high school students. At the 12 Spot and U.B.U. Lounge, your child will enjoy new menu items, featuring creative and exciting twists on student favorites.  Recipes have been developed to appeal to the more sophisticated tastes of our older students, with healthy initiatives in mind. They not only meet but also exceed the USDA guidelines that govern the National School Lunch Program.

Menu Promotions & Programs

Our dining brands provide fresh and nutritious food, attractive merchandising and promotional programs including FUEL and ACE.

ACE, a friendly and energetic fox, is the elementary-level nutrition mascot, and he spreads his message of nutrition and wellness through live appearances, the www.acefanclub.com website, and regular in-school activities. Visually exciting materials designed with fun graphics engage student interest; and a simple but effective nutrition & wellness message reinforces the importance of a healthy school breakfast and lunch to our younger customers.