Washoe Country School District

July 26, 2014

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Check out our updated menu designs for all grade levels. The new menus will feature visual icons highlighting items that have healthy Whole Grains, are Vegetarian, or that help you Eat Well by making a selection lower in fat and in sodium. 


We have introduced some new and delicious dishes to our menus. Encourage your students to try some of the new entrees including: Sweet & Sour Chicken with brown rice; Spaghetti & Meatballs made with whole grain pasta; Ranch-Style Chili con Carne and cornbread; SunButter™ & Jelly sandwiches; Macaroni & Cheese with a warm pretzel stick, and more! Tasty side items such as zucchini with marinated tomatoes and cucumbers, fresh spinach, broccoli tops, salads made with Romaine lettuce, and a variety of fresh fruits are served every day, along with other great offerings. Students will also enjoy their favorite classics and now with a healthy twist, such as Ace's Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza made with reduced-fat toppings on a whole-grain crust.

 Monthly menus will regularly be available online and are also sent home with all elementary students.


Click below to view or download menus:



Cool*Caf Elementary

May 19 - June 13: Breakfast Menu, Lunch Menu

 Incline Elementary School

May 19 - June 13: Lunch Menu


12 Spot Middle School

May 19 - June 13: Breakfast Menu, Lunch Menu

Incline Middle School

  May 5 - 30: Lunch Menu

June 2 - 19: Lunch Menu


U.B.U. Lounge High School

May 19 - June 13: Breakfast Menu, Lunch Menu

 Incline High School

May 5 - 30: Lunch Menu

June 2 - 19: Lunch Menu


May 19 - June 13: Lunch Menu

Washoe Inspire & ICDA

April 21 - May 23, 2014: Lunch Menu

May 26 - June 13: Lunch Menu

Menu Carb Counts

May 19 - June 13: Elementary Breakfast, Elementary Lunch

May 19 - June 13: Middle Breakfast, Middle Lunch

May 19 - June 13: High Breakfast, High Lunch 

*Please note that all menus are subject to change without prior notice.