Washoe Country School District

August 22, 2014

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Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition Services supports nutrition and wellness by serving high-quality, nourishing and balanced meals that meet or exceed federal and state nutrition guidelines. This includes:

  • low and non-fat dairy options such as low-fat & nonfat milk
  • lean protein choices
  • access to no less than six daily options of fruit & vegetables
  • increased fiber from whole grain products & legumes
  • 100% juice and bottled water
  • reduced-sodium foods
  • grains with more than 50% whole grain ingredients.
We will continue to promote and expand the availability of complete and nutritious meals to ensure students are fully prepared to have a productive school day. 

Use our Nutrition Calculator!

ARAMARK’s menus contain a wide variety of choices. As such, simply providing a weekly average of nutrients for a menu will not properly reflect the actual nutritional value of an individualized meal a student could select. As a new feature to our Nutrition & Wellness initiative, our Nutrition Calculator is designed to allow a parent, student, nurse or any other interested party to evaluate the nutrition content of any combination of meal selections. The file is easy to save from the web site and is easily viewed on a local computer. The Nutrition Calulator allows for a more interactive, customizable, and in-depth look at nutritional value. It uses familiar drop-down selectors that show all of the items on a particular menu cycle. Navigate to the Nutrition Calculator or click here!

The Calculator is a wonderful tool for everyone to use. 

We truly value student, parent, and community involvement in our food service program, which is why monthly nutrition education materials will be shared with both students and parents to reinforce healthy eating and provide nutritional facts and figures. Materials will be available in the school offices and cafeterias, at the Nutrition Services Center, and here online for download:

Wellness Wise newsletter for elementary school parents 
Wellness Wise newsletter for elementary school parents

Parents ASK Q&A newsletters for parents (El boletín "Los Padres Preguntan")
Healthy for Life Quarterly  Parent Newsletter (El boletín "Saludable por Vida")

Treat Yourself Right newsletter for middle and high school students
Treat Yourself Right newsletter for middle and high school students

Click here to review the District's Wellness Policy or click here to be taken to the District's Student Wellness website.

Frequently Asked Questions about our focus on nutrition. Submit your questions here to see your question on the FAQ list!

Coming Soon! - More on our involvement in First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move initiative to fight childhood obesity...




We are committed to giving students the education and tools to make healthier choices.