Washoe Country School District

August 23, 2014

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School Resources

Parent Involvement is essential to a student's academic success.  Use the following information to engage parents in your school and increase family involvement so that all children will succeed.

Infinite Campus - Parent Portal
Tip Sheet for GUID-Activation Keys
Tip Sheet for GUID-Activation Keys - Spanish

Training Tool Kit - everything you need to provide an Infinite Campus Parent Portal Training for parents.
Training Tool Kit - Spanish 

Introduction Letter - contains four important steps to help parents activate their Infinite Campus Parent Portal account.

Infinite Campus Kiosk Materials- simple instructions to provide to parents in English and Spanish as well as take home sheets and pocket cards that can be used with an Infinite Campus Kiosk. 
Infinite Campus - Instructions - English
Infinite Campus - Instrucciones - Español   
Infinite Campus - Take Home Sheets - English
Infinite Campus - Take Home Sheets - Spanish
Infinite Campus - Pocket Card - English
Infinite Campus - Pocket Card - Spanish

Elementary - Language Arts- Parent Letters
All 26 Parent Letters - Zip File
Parent Letter - Analysis-Conclusion
Parent Letter - Analysis
Parent Letter -Author's-Purpose
Parent Letter - Cause-Effect
Parent Letter - Characterization
Parent Letter - Compare & Contrast-I
Parent Letter - Compare & Contrast-II
Parent Letter - Compare & Contrast-III
Parent Letter - Context
Parent Letter - DRTA
Parent Letter - Fact-Opinion
Parent Letter - Figurative Language
Parent Letter - Inferences-I
Parent Letter - Inferences-II
Parent Letter - Inferences-III
Parent Letter - Main-Idea
Parent Letter - Note-taking
Parent Letter - OPS
Parent Letter - Problem-Solution
Parent Letter - QAR
Parent Letter - Reciprocal-Teaching
Parent Letter - Re-read
Parent Letter - SQ3R
Parent Letter - Summarize
Parent Letter - Text-Features
Parent Letter - Theme

Family Friendly Schools Tour - the following tour was developed by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio State PIRCUse the hundreds of ideas presented in this video to generate ideas for your own school.  Viewing the following videos requires windows media player.

Family Friendly Schools Tour 1
Family Friendly Schools Tour 2
Family Friendly Schools Tour 3
Family Friendly Schools Tour 4
Family Friendly Schools Tour 5
Family Friendly Schools Tour 6
Family Friendly Schools Tour 7
Family Friendly Schools Tour 8
Family Friendly Schools Tour 9
Family Friendly Schools Tour 10
Family Friendly Schools Tour 11
Family Friendly Schools Tour 12
Family Friendly Schools Tour 13
Family Friendly Schools Tour 14
Family Friendly Schools Tour 15
Family Friendly Schools Tour 16
Combined 1-16 

Family Friendly Schools Guide
- created by Washoe County School District's Parent Involvement Council, a self-assessment tool  that schools can use with parents to identify strengths and challenges, and begin setting school goals for parent involvement.  A good place to start!
Family Friendly Schools Guide - English
Family Friendly Schools Guide - Spanish
Newsletter Article - to promote the Family Friendly Schools project with your parents. Customize it and use it in your own school newsletter.
Newsletter Article - Spanish
Nevada State Educational Involvement Accord - created by the Nevada State Legislature, all public schools are required to present this document to parents.  Find out how to use the Accord to encourage parent involvement and invite parents to your school events!
Accord - English
Accord - Spanish
Nevada State Legislature Accord Guidance
WCSD Accord Tip Sheet - Elementary
WCSD Accord Tip Sheet - Secondary
Parent Teacher Conferences - a tip sheet for teachers and administrators on how to make the most of parent teacher conferences.
Tip Sheet - Teachers and Administrators - Parent Teacher Conferences

Visit the web site of the Nevada State Parent Information and Resource Center at the Education Alliance for more resources and downloadable materials.  

For more ideas and information on how to engage parents at your school, call the WCSD Department of Family School Partnerships at 325-2000 or email us at parentinvolvement@washoeschools.net