Washoe Country School District

July 31, 2014

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Bullying / Prevention Tips

Bullying & Sexual Violence Webinar (click here to listen)

Bullying Prevention Tips and Resources: 

Remember that Bullying is characterized by aggressive behavior or intentional harm doing that is repeatedly carried out overtime. The imbalance of power (real or perceived) is a factor.


Tips for students: 

  1. If bullied, tell your parents, teachers and/or school administrators. Telling is NOT tattling if you feel hurt or scared. It is reporting.  
  2. Do not retaliate or get even
  3. Respond evenly without losing your temper and in a firm voice or say nothing and get away.  
  4. Stand by each other. If you watch, laugh, or ignore, you are part of the problem. It is your school !!!!
  5. Act Confident  
  6. Be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are
  7. Avoid unsupervised areas  
  8. Do not bring expensive items to school

Tips for schools:

  • Establish a Bully prevention committee and include counselors, teachers, parents, students and administration  

  • Create a plan to handle student concerns and reporting

  • Teach tips for dealing with bullying and resolving conflicts to ALL your students

  • Establish classroom and school rules against bullying

  • Establish positive and negative consequences that you enforce for everyone

  • Get bystanders motivated to help by reporting safely and confidentially, befriending or understanding victims, listening to each other and understanding how to deal with conflicts and emotions appropriately. Friends showing bullying behaviors can usually be stopped by their own friends too. 

  • Facilitate the development of trusting relationships between each student and at least one adult. RELATIONSHIPS ARE KEY!!!

Checkout the following sites:

Adapted from Dan Olweus "Blueprints for Violence Prevention" and materials from "Get Real About Violence"  both at the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSVP) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) web and resources.

Current Laws on Bullying: 

The 2013 Nevada State Legislature made several revisions to Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 388 and the provision of a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment.  The new Bullying and Cyber-bullying laws went into effect July 1, 2013:

  • Bullying means a willful act which is written, verbal or physical, or a course of conduct on the part of one or more persons which is not authorized by law and which exposes a person repeatedly and over time to one or more negative actions which is highly offensive to a reasonable person and:  1) is intended to cause or actually causes the person to suffer harm or serious emotional distress; 2) exploits an imbalance in power between the person engaging in the act or conduct and the person who is the subject of the act or conduct; 3) poses a threat of immediate harm or actually inflicts harm to another person or to the property of another person; 4) places the person in reasonable fear of harm or serious emotional distress; or 5) creates an environment which is hostile to a pupil by interfering with the education of the pupil. (NRS 388.122, Bullying defined)
  • Cyber-bullying means bullying through the use of electronic communication.  The term includes the use of electronic communication to transmit or distribute a sexual image of a minor.  (NRS 388.123, Cyber-bulling defined)
  • Electronic communication means the communication of any written, verbal or pictorial information through the use of an electronic device, including, without limitation, a telephone, a cellular phone, a computer or any similar means of communication. (NRS 388.124, Electronic communication defined)
  • NRS 388.125, Harassment defined, was repealed.
  • NRS 388.129, Intimidation defined, was repealed.
  • A member of the Board of Trustees of a school district, any employee of the board of trustees, including, without limitation, an administrator, principal, teacher or other staff member, a member of a club or organization which uses the facilities of any public school, regardless of whether the club or organization has any connection to the school, or any pupil shall not engage in bullying or cyber-bullying on the premises of any public school, at an activity sponsored by a public school or on any school bus. (NRS 388.135, Bullying and cyber-bullying prohibited)