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The Washoe County School District is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all students. Included in this mission is that of teaching our students healthy life habits and choices. The role of physical education in our district is crucial in order to keep our students moving, healthy and safe. Physical activity increases blood flow to the brain, thereby increasing academic achievement. Below, are resources for administrators, teachers, school support staff and parents to achieve this goal.


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Web Resources

Catalog of Resources in Washoe County
The following resources are available, free of charge, from the Washoe County Health District.  For questions or to request resources, contact Kelli Seals at 775-325-8244.

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Physical Activity Curricula or Tools
·         Active and Healthy Schools Curricula
-       Approaches schools can use to improve health of students (primarily K-6)
-       Strategies are designed to evoke change through simple modifications to the school environment.  They can be implemented individually or in their entirety.
-       Manual and resources offer guidance on building support for the program, improving playgrounds, creating an active school environment, promoting nutrition, and promoting activity among others.
-       Manual, CDs and Classroom Activity Cards available to borrow.  Technical assistance from WCHD available upon request.
·         Book: “201 Games for the Elementary Physical Education Program”
-     Games help students K-6 develop physical education skills
and meet learning objectives
-     Activities are oriented for PE classes buy can be used by
recreational leaders, camp counselors, youth group advisor and others working with elementary school aged youth.
-       All activities are categorized according to their strategy and developmental levels.
-       Two books available to borrow.
·         Fit Deck Jr. Exercise Playing Cards
-       Over 70 fitness games designed for kids ages 5-16.
-       Activities require no equipment and can be done in a variety of settings.
-       One set of cards available to borrow.
·         Tumble ‘N Teach physical activity manipulative
-       Designed for elementary school aged youth.
-       Game using an inflatable cube that is rolled to determine the type of activity and the number of repetitions that are required.
-       One Tumble ‘N Teach available to borrow.
Nutrition Curricula or Tools
  • 3-D My Pyramid Nutrition Model
-     Kit with hands-on classroom activities that explain the chemistry of nutrition and demonstrate how the body converts food to energy.
-       Includes a teacher's guide and manipulatives.
-       Designed for grades 5-8.
-       One pyramid nutrition model available to borrow
  • Food Bag
-     Teaches children how to create a balanced meal using colorful food cutouts.
-     Includes Velcro foods, nutrient labels, presenter's notes, and blank menu sheet.
-       Designed for grades 1-5.
-       One food bag available to borrow
Combined Physical Activity and Nutrition Curricula and Tools/Other
·         Globs of Fat and Masses of Muscle
-     Display models of fat and muscle (one pound each).
-       Good for comparison demonstrations.
-       One set of displays available to borrow
·         Fizzics of Soda Display
-       Shows how drinking soda daily can lead to weight gain.
-     A giant soda can shows the approximate amount of  soda a person who drinks two 12-oz cans a day would drink in 1 month.
-     Includes a bag of sugar that reveals the amount of sugar consumed and a bottle of simulated fat that represents the amount of weight a person could gain.
-       Comes with presenter's resource guide.
-       One set of displays available to borrow
Available on-line and through other local and national agencies
The following resources are available, free of charge, through reputable organizations working to reduce childhood obesity.  The Washoe County Health District can offer technical assistance on many of these programs.
Assessment resources:
  • Assistance completing the School Health Index which is a CDC tool to enable schools to access strengths and weaknesses of a school’s health and safety policies, and plan for improving student health.
  • Assist a group of high school students through the steps of assessing their school’s nutrition and physical activity policies with the CDC tool Student’s Taking Charge.
  • Assistance for any agency looking to assess the health policies related to youth using a variety of tools.
Physical Activity Curricula or Tools
·         CDC “Guidelines for School and Community Programs to Promote Lifelong Physical Activity Among Young People” available at:
-          Includes recommendations for school and community programs promoting physical activity among youth
·         The American Council on Exercise provides a free downloadable curriculum (Operation Fit Kids) to promote youth fitness and nutrition.
-       Designed for students in grades 3-5
-       Curriculum can be downloaded at:
Nutrition Curricula or Tools
  • Sodexho School Stars
-       A nutrition-education program developed by Sodexho School Services that introduces students to the fun and benefits of eating nutritious meals and snacks.
-       School Stars features a series of lessons that require 30 to 45 minutes of classroom instruction.
-       Activity sheets are designed for group or individual study and may be used as homework assignments.
-       The package includes an end-of-unit quiz and a certificate to reward your students for becoming School Stars.
Combined Physical Activity and Nutrition Curricula and Tools
·         Wellness Activation Kits
-       National Dairy Council® and the National Football League® are offering kits to help students make positive changes in their eating and exercise habits.
-       The kits include display pieces that can be used throughout the school and will feature kid-centric nutrition and "Play 60" messages.
A limited number of kits are available for the 2009-10 school-year and are targeted at elementary and middle schools, though any school may order a kit.
Order a kit on-line at:
Lesson Ideas
Winter Kids Outdoor Learning Curriculum is aligned with National Education Standards and offers interdisciplinary lessons in a variety of subjects for grades K-12 with a complete adapted component for disabled children.
Energizers are classroom based physical activities for grades K-8 that integrate physical activity with academic concepts.
Active Academics provides practical ideas for integrating physical activity in K-5 math,reading/language arts, health/nutrition, and physical education classes.
Take 10 offers a searchable database of classroom-based physical activity lessons for K-5.
Activity Bursts for the Classroom shows elementary schools how to restructure physical activity into multiple, brief episodes throughout the day without taking away valuable time for
classroom instruction.
Brain Breaks provides physical activity lessons for K-6 classrooms. Lesson menu is broken into specific content areas and other settings.
Action Based Learning - puts brain-based learning into action with teacher friendly, “kid-tested, kid-approved” strategies that move students to learn! See the "articles" tab.
Brain Rules - is a multimedia resource detailing 12 key rules scientists know about how the brain works. For each brain rule Dr. John Medina presents the science and then offers ideas for investigating how the rule might apply to our daily lives, especially at work and school. Dr.Medina is a developmental molecular biologist and research consultant. He is an affiliate Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He is also the director of the Brain Center for Applied Learning Research at Seattle Pacific University.
"Spark, The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain" by Dr. John Ratey
This book presents groundbreaking research linking the connection between exercise and the brain’s performance. Evidence shows how even moderate exercise will supercharge mental circuits to beat stress, sharpen thinking, enhance memory, and much more. Chapter two is
dedication to physical activity and education.
Organizations Supporting Youth Physical Activity and Wellness
National Association for Sport and Physical Education
CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health
Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Action for Healthy Kids

Nutrition and Wellness

State Wellness Policy

State vs Wellness Policy

Our Mission Statement: “Motivate and support educators, children, and families to adopt active lifestyles with healthy food choices improving the child’s personal and academic success.”