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August 21, 2014

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Stop Program

Kelli Blincoe, Special Projects Consultant Reno, NV 89511

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Washoe County School District

(Student Tutoring On-Site Program)

STOP is a free after school homework/ mentoring/tutoring program where paid high school juniors, seniors and College students work at program located at the Boys and Girls Club 9th street facility. The program will start Jan 8, 2007 Monday thru Friday 4:00 to 6:00pm
And will only be held at the 9th street facility.
Located upstairs in the homework room.
Program is FREE but students MUST be a Boys and Girls Club member. To
To become a member partents can call the membership office of the Boys
and Girls Club at 331-3605.

There is an adult supervisor who oversees the daily program. This is the 7th school year for the program to be offered to the WCSD students. This very successful program over 75% of the students who participate have shown an increase in their G.P.A. Schools have also reported a decrease in office referral for deviant behavior for the students enrolled in the program.

Stop a place where middle school students can go, Monday – Thursday to receive assistance with difficult homework, and find a place to go to learn new things and meet new people. The "Student Tutoring On- Site Program",


(Student Tutoring On-Site Program)

History of STOP

1997/1998 School Year

WCSD Piloted the High School to Middle School Mentoring Program. This took place at Sparks Middle school with Sparks High school junior and seniors volunteered to Mentor/ tutor 2 days a week for an hour a day. In comparing the middle school students' first and third quarter G.P.A 89% of those students showed an improvement in the third quarter G.P.A.


Based on the results of the pilot program the WCSD Safe and Drug Free Advisory Council voted on expanding the high school to middle school mentor/tutoring program. And received funding from Title 4 "Greatest Needs" to expand the program to 4 middle schools; Sparks, Dilworth, Vaughn, and Billinghurst.

With this funding the high school student would now be paid, and a site supervisor was hired for each site to oversee the tutors/mentors and the middle school student that where enrolled. 70% of the students who attended showed an improvement in G.P.A. as well school administration reported that these students attending the program had less referrals to the office for discipline behavior.

The High school mentor/tutors voted to name the program S.T.O.P (student tutoring on-site program).v Program is open to all private and charter school students.

Identified Need: Many students are unsupervised after-school, and some get into substance abuse and violence because of the lack of supervised activity, The S.T.O.P Program promotes a healthy alternative to students engaging in unhealthy choices.

Objective: Maintain, expand, and improve the High school to Middle School Mentoring Program, S.T.O.P, by including program open to High School students, providing more training, and adding more activities.

Measure: The effectiveness of this program will be measured by a comparison between first and third quarter grade point averages.


Incorporate four more middle schools and two more high schools into the program.

Provide ongoing training for the mentors and sides based on their expressed needs

Offer a variety of games to provide another type of interaction between the high school and middle school students along with the homework help and the discussing of concerns.


Program received "Greatest Needs" funding again to expand the S.T.O.P. program to 6 middle schools. 84% improved.


Program received "Greatest Needs" funding again to expand the S.T.O.P program to 10 middle schools. 80% improved.


Program received funding from Title 4. One Middle school was dropped from the program based on the fact that they had received 21st Century Learning Center Funds for After-school program. This year Middle school teachers where incorporated into the program and paid for by SB585 grant (extended school day)

77% improved.


Funding received from Title 4. 10 middle schools and 1 Elem Pilot program was started.

The elementary program used UNR Special Education Practicum Students (Volunteers) program was overseen by a parent and teacher volunteers.

Middle school teachers where still incorporated into the program by SB585.

63% improved.


Funding received from Title 4. 9 middle schools, 1 elem, and 2 high schools. Now have stop.


Due to a budget cut the program was cut to 2 programs. One was held at the Boys and Girls Club where we ran the program for 31 weeks with 6 tutors and 1 site supervisor. 608 Elementary and middle school students attended the program coming from 30 Elem and 3 middle schools. With over 3,757 visits to the program. The other program was held at the Washoe County Library at 4 branches one day a week. And was open to middle and high school students. Due to the fact that this program was not very well attend we will not be offering it next year.


Funding received from Title 4. 1 site will be offered at the Boys and Girls Club. Program serves K- 12 graders. This program will start Sept 19, 2005 and will run through May 12, 2006.