Washoe Country School District

July 27, 2014

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Substance Abuse Referrals

Substance Abuse Information and Classes


Here is a list of possible resources and referrals that you may use for outside classes or counseling for intervention and treatment.  You may also want to consult with your family physician and other private and non-profit agencies for assistance.

All Northern Nevada Young People In Alcoholics Anonymous

Triangle Club–
635 S. Wells, Reno 
Central Office– 436 S. Rock Blvd., Sparks
Fire Station #1– 777 South Stewart St., Carson City
First United Methodist Church- 209 West 1st Street, Reno

Young People Meeting Schedule
Sunday7:00 pm"Lost And Found"Triangle Club
Monday8:30 pm"The Wild Bunch"Central Office (enter in back)
Tuesday7:30 pm"Young At Heart"First United Methodist Church
Wednesday8:00 pm"Not A Glum Lot"Triangle Club
Thursday6:30 pm"Women In The Solution"Central Office (enter in back)
Friday10:00 pm"Young And Done"Fellowship Hall, Carson City
Saturday6:00 pm"The Young And The Wreckless"Fire Station #1, Carson City


Alliance Family Services337-2394
Substance Abuse Hotline825-HELP
Narcotoics Anonymous
Toll Free 1-888-850-2205
Carson City / Minden:
(775) 883-5110
Reno / Sparks: (775) 322-4811
South Lake Tahoe: (530) 541-4100
North Lake Tahoe: (530) 546-1116
Steve Nicholas , MA, NCC, MFT, LADC


Family Counseling Services329-0623
Comprehensive Counseling Center229-8224
Sparks Christian Fellowship Answer Program331-2303

Quest Counseling Jolene Dalluhn, MA, LADC

Children's Cabinet856-6200
Alcoholic Anonymous355-1151
Alanon, Alateen348-7103
Narcotics Anonymous322-4811
Marijuana Anonymous1-800-766-6779
Robison House and Assoc355-7722
West Hills Hospital323-0478
Avalon Counseling Services356-2822
Meri Shadley, PhD329-4582
Tom Harrison, PhD; Elizabeth Harrison, EdD.; Steve Urbani, PhD322-7771
Garry Rubenstein329-5507
Karen Forsyth, PhD348-8558
Ruth Ann Wright, LADC322-2726
Dr. Mark Miller359-4044
Lenore Bransford, PhD, ANP329-4284
Nancy Held, PhD, NCC, LADC825-2252
Frankie Lemus, MFT, EDS323-1330
Jerry Whittman, LADC
Karen Goodwill-Freda MFT, CADC823-4080
Rich Cook, Ed, MFT827-7502
Merle Askren, PhD323-6766
Personal Development Consultants329-4582
Kara Sheehan, MFT Intern, LADC848-8482
Cynthia Pickett322-6462
Janet Amptman, MFT, LADC762-4203
Tim Burge, MFT, CADC329-0623
AGAPE Counseling322-4003
Rebecca Jancovich, PhD322-1839
Maple Star / Community Based Sustance abuse
Treatment Services Program 


There are many others for substance abuse issues and addiction in the community.  Please call if you have additional needs for referrals. Please also see www.washoeresources.org for further information, services, and resources.