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July 28, 2014

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21st Century Learning


Camp 21: 21st Century Learning Workshops

August 2013-May 2014 

Camp 21 workshops will expose teachers to a variety of 21st century tools and resources that can be used in the classroom to increase student engagement, productivity, and learning. There will be several workshops offered each month in order to provide a variety of tools to support 21st century skills such as: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Additional ideas will be presented which show how some tools can be used for informal assessments and productivity.

Each workshop consists of a 1 hour online webinar, 1 hour face-to-face hands-on in the lab, and 1 hour online homework assignment.  Resource sharing and professional learning will be sustained in the Edmodo group throughout the camp and beyond.  Details for each assignment will be provided at each workshop.

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Contact:  Terra Graves



21st Century Learning Academy for Teacher Leaders

The 21st Century Learning Academy for Teacher Leaders empowers schools to act systemically in their efforts to create engaging, student-centered learning environments in support of CCSS.  School teams will dedicate themselves to two years of personalized professional development to build a plan for site-based implementation of 21st century skills.  Teams will attend monthly workshops, implement leadership and coaching activities, and receive regular site consultations with the 21st Century Learning staff.  


Read more about the Academy.

Contact:  Robert Sidford


Clayton Pre-AP Academy

  • Bruce Meissner
  • Shannon Clark
  • Thomas Guy
  • AJ Ellison
  • Michelle Habdas

Spanish Springs HS

  • Jay Salter
  • Ted Branson
  • Kendra Marsh
  • Laura Molini
  • Amy Cable
  • Ron Cross

Traner MS

  • Chad Lindeen
  • Ellen Badger
  • Ron Heard
  • Gilbert Rodriguez

Allen ES

  • Mischelle Bain
  • Jean Craddock
  • Justin Connolly
  • Monique Scott


Westergard ES

  • TIffany McMaster
  • Allie Hughes
  • Jodi Schoenbachler
  • Gail Corthell
  • Nina Jean Gentry
  • Shae Freitas

 Sparks MS

  • Bonnie Krupa
  • Derek Gradillas
  • Carrie Mieras
  • Joseph Pazar
  • Kristen Koski

 McQueen HS

  • Joshua Hartzog
  • Julie Wakefield
  • Petrina McCarty-Puhl
  • Burce Kahl
  • Katie LaPointe









iPad Cohort

  • Funding provided by the State Ed Tech Implementation grant 2011-2013
  • Participants completed the first Nevada Pathway Project course, Integrating Technology into the Classroom, and applied for the technology packages.  They also committed to completing two more online courses during the 2012-2013 school year.
  • Participants
    • Kelly Crowley, Damonte Ranch HS
    • Eric Eakin, Vaughn MS
    • Paul Heller, Cold Springs MS
    • Cathy Jacobson, Damonte Ranch HS
    • Amee Lombardi, Damonte Ranch HS
    • Rodger Moore, Wooster HS
  • Items received
    • Class set of iPads and syncing cart
    • MacBook Pro laptop
    • iTunes cards ($100) and Apple Volume Vouchers ($1000)
    • 3-5 professional books on 21st century skills and tools
  • Contact:  Terra Graves



Nevada Pathway Project

In 2009, ARRA stimulus funds were used by a consortium of 120 teachers from all counties in Nevada. These funds provided equipment and stipends for participating in four online courses (the equivalent of 12 graduate credits) for two years.  Teachers learned how to integrate 21st century skills and technology into their classrooms, and collaborated with other teachers statewide.  This highly successful project left a legacy of four new online courses and many resources, including the "Wicked Cool" Document, Using Games and Simulations in the Classroom, and TPACK Lesson Plans for all four core content areas.  


Contact:  Terra Graves or Sara Stewart




Instructional Tools




Interactive White Boards


MOODLE Learning Management System

MOODLE Learning Management System is our online course portal. 
Anyone can create a MOODLE course for professional development
purposes OR to use with K-12 students. MOODLE training is available through the Inservice department. 





Apple Podcast Server

In 2010, a cohort of teachers around WCSD were introduced to podcasting and invited to produce
podcasts for topics  relevant to their current position.  
This server is available to all WCSD teachers and staff to house their podcasts. 

Video-Conferencing Pilot 

Funding provided by the State Ed Tech Implementation grant 2011-2013

WCSD's TelePresence Videoconferencing system, currently being piloted at twelve
sites across the district, provides the capability for point-to-point professional development
activities provided from central locations. Additionally, schools are developing the capacity
for using videoconferencing in their classrooms by making virtual connections with content
experts and motivational speakers, by making collaborative connections with other schools,
and by participating in virtual field trips.
  • Participating schools:
    • Lois Allen ES
    • Hidden Valley ES
    • Natchez ES
    • Smithridge ES
    • Alyce Taylor
    • Gerlach K-12
    • Clayton MS
    • Cold Springs MS
    • Dilworth MS
    • Incline MS
    • Edison North Training Room
    • Matley Nevada Lab
  • Contact:  Tina Holland



Online Courseware for Students 





  • PLATO (middle schools and high schools) is online courseware available for credit recovery.  
  • Contact:  Terra Graves





Compass Learning

  • Compass Learning is online courseware that is available to elementary students for instructional intervention.
  • Contact:  Misha Miller


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