Washoe Country School District

July 23, 2014

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Tips, Hints or Shortcuts


~ Click on the link above to preview the self help doc. full of helpful tips, new and updated information and step by step instructions to problem solving.

~ Be sure that you are running BusinessPLUS through Internet Explorer.  To verify go to Tools, Internet Options, Programs, then under Default Browser make certain that the box is check marked under Internet Explorer default browser (states: tell me if Internet Explorer is not my default browser).  BusinessPLUS is not compatible with Firefox or Google Chrome and will not run properly if those programs and / or streaming websites are running at the same time.  

~ When placing orders, make certain that your security code (Sec. Cd.) is filled in properly.  Your security code is generally your three digit site number with an A, C, G or 0 added to the number, depending on the order.  Make sure you are using the correct code as it directly affects the order routing process.  For a list of codes, click on the blue box next to the Sec. Cd and a drop down list should appear.  

If you have any questions on the above tips and hints or if you need assistance please call Melissa Eras at 353-6970 or email: meras@washoeschools.net 


Developing OnDemand Tutorials will be an on-going process.  OnDemand tutorials are available from several Dashboards and will continue to be expanded. 

OnDemand Tutorials- by double clicking on a topic it will open in "TRY IT" mode.  "TRY IT" mode can be advanced at your own pace by hitting enter from keyboard.  No data entry is needed to advance to next screen. This is the suggested option at this time.

There are three playback methods.  "See It", "Try It" or "Print It". ""See It" advances by itself and is a simulation within the software. It is a nice option to see the entire process to become familiar with the task.  "Try It" is the preferred option. This option is suggested as the user controls the pace. "Print It" is an option for printable step by step instructions.   


Windows 7 Upgrades are complete.  If you are experiencing problems with your BusinessPLUS icon or connection.  Please delete the icon and follow the 5 easy steps in the link below to re-create your desk top link.  Once complete, you will need to reload the new BusinessPLUS URL onto your desktop.  Click on the link below:



The old Bi-Tech/Reflections icon and software that is on the hard-drive can be removed. IT techs may have removed is as they made their rounds.  If not,  access 'Start' menu, 'Settings', 'Control Panel', 'Add or Remove Programs' and find the appropriate program.  Additionally, the 'Trusted Sites' icon can be deleted if it's on your desktop.

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