Washoe Country School District

July 22, 2014

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ELL Blue Folder Overview

An ELL Blue Folder is completed for students whose initial proficiency placement assessment has determined the student is a limited English speaker or below. ELL teachers/assessment technicians are responsible for making sure all information is complete in this folder, including the “Entry” and “Exit” date. The entry date is the original entry date to the WCSD unless the student was a PreK student. In that situation, use the DK or Kindergarten original entry date. The entry date is the “Start Date” on the enrollment panel. The exit date is the “LEP Exit Date” shown on the enrollment panel.

The Blue ELL Folder is to be kept inside the student’s CUMULATIVE FOLDER. ELL teachers should refer to the Blue Folder Checklist to ensure the blue folder is kept correctly.

Please request a supply of blue folders from the ELL Office using the ELL Assessment Supply Order Form. Forms are available from the ELL Office. (Please refer to the FORMS section for a copy you can print out.)

Blue Folder Checklist