Washoe Country School District

July 28, 2014

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ELL Programs

Elementary ELL program

Program Description
Avenues document
Two Way Immersion (TWI)
Language Academy
HM ELP Projects
Migrant Education

Middle School:
MS Program Guide/Welcome Book
MS Course Descriptions
MS Textbooks
MS Accepted Practices

High School:
HS ELL Program Guide—Welcome book
HS Course Descriptions
HS Textbooks
HS ELL Accepted Practices

Assessments and ELL Program

Elementary and Secondary

Secondary ELL Assessment Overview
HS ELL Common finals (semester 1 & 2)
MS ELL Common Finals (semester 1 & 2)
MS ELL Course Placement test (located on Edusoft)
HS Course Placement test (located on Edusoft)
ELL Assessment Overview