Washoe Country School District

July 25, 2014

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Exiting ELL Program-Reclassification

ELL exit requirements Overview

For LEP students to be considered proficient and exit the ELL program, the student must:

a. Achieve “Level 5” (Proficient) in the “Overall” column on the Nevada Proficiency Levels chart, and

b. Achieve “Level 4” or higher on the Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing and Comprehension sections

Exit/Reclassification letter Information

The ELL Office prints the Exit/Reclassification Letters and sends them to the schools. Upon receipt of the letters, the ELL teacher MUST make a COPY and staple the COPY on the right side of the student’s BLUE ELL FOLDER which MUST be filed in the student’s CUMULATIVE FOLDER. Also, please fill in the exit date on the ELL Blue Folder. The exit date is found on the “General Enrollment Information” page on Infinite Campus or on the bottom left corner of the Exit/Reclassification letter.