Washoe Country School District

April 20, 2014

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Welcome to Employee Online (EO)!


Employee Online has been upgraded.  New features include the option to request a new password from the login screen and access to new forms from Payroll & HR.  You will no longer receive a security message. The login screen states Welcome to BusinessPLUS, EO is a part of BusinessPLUS, continue to login as you did before.  If you have saved Employee Online to your Favorites Bar, please delete and add the new URL:  eo.washoeschools.net   Questions, please contact Melissa Eras at 353-6970 or meras@washoeschools.net 

Home Computers:  If you are having trouble accessing EO from your home computer, please click Tools in the upper right corner of your computer screen next to Safety, then click Complatibility View, then proceed to login. If you do not have Tools in the upper right corner: right click on a blank space on the tool bar and make sure you have Command Bar selected.  For assistance, please call or email per the contact information below.

     Contact:  Melissa Eras 775-353-6970 or meras@washoeschools.net