Washoe Country School District

July 29, 2014

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iPad Resources

Welcome to All Things iPad!

WCSD's One Stop/Shop center for iPad Resources

 Ipads in Education Video

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iPad Basics/Resources

Setting up iCloud/GPS Tracker
* (Required for Title I Funding)


Updating ios Version
* (Important)

Signing in to App Store


Suggested Apps

Creating an Apple ID

Setting up Outlook/Mail

Multitasking and Other iPad Functions

Using Find My iPhone/iPad Feature


Troubleshooting/Restoring iPad

Setting up Facetime

iMovie Exporting

Apple Keyboard Pairing with iPad

iPad Education Sites/Articles






We will be frequently updating this site as we obtain more iPad resources.  We consider everyone to be an iPad expert in different areas.  Please help us by sending app recommendations or any other resources that are determined to be beneficial.


Brian Prewett, bprewett@washoeschools.net

Rochelle Proctor, rproctor@washoeschools.net