Washoe Country School District

July 25, 2014

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New Teacher Academy

General Information

As part of its commitment to high quality teaching, the Washoe County School district has designed an Induction Program to support newly hired teachers.  The Induction Program consists of the Mentor Teacher Program and the New Teacher Academy.  Please view the link below to see the Professional Development Plan for the program:

Professional Development Plan


New Teacher Academy

The New Teacher Academy provides essential professional development aimed at meeting the needs of newly hired teachers.  Classes are offered at various times and in numerous locations throughout the District.  Newly hired teachers may choose to attend classes during non-contract time and earn inservice credit, or they may attend during contract hours, with subs provided by the New Teacher Academy.



Enrollment takes place on the web at


There is no registration fee for courses required by the New Teacher Academy.  When registering for a course, teachers choose either "1 Inservice Credit - Fee Waived" for courses offered during non-contract hours, or "Substitute Days - Fee Waived" for courses offered during contract hours.  For additional information regarding registration, please view the Web Registration Directions.
New hires who have previously completed a particular training may apply for an exemption.  Principal approval must be obtained for an exemption.


Contact Information

Sharyn Appolloni



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