Washoe Country School District

July 24, 2014

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This Link will take you to WebCRD where you can easily choose from the many options on how you want you printing task handled.

Click here to start your print job.

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Q: How often do I have to download Web Crd?
A: 1 time

Q: Can I use this program at home?
A: NO, only on district computers

Q: Where do I find the web site?
A: It can be found at webcrd.washoe.wcsd

Q: Where do I get my log on and password?
A: Call our office @348-0215 and we will assign and instruct you.

Q: How do you change a word file into a PDF?
A: That is the one time program, as you first get on that is called SURE Pdf that is downloaded when you first get onto the web site

Q: When do I have to start using WEB CRD?
A: Right away, we will be phasing out the old program by July 1, 2011

For any other questions please call our office.


Hours are 8 am to 5pm Monday through Friday, closed all school holidays


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Donald Judd
Supervisor of Printing

Karen Gummert