Washoe Country School District

August 22, 2014

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Teacher Incentive Fund


The Washoe County School District applied for and received the Teacher Incentive Fund Grant, or commonly referred to as the TIF 3 Grant, in the spring of 2010. The TIF 3 Grant application was submitted to support the district's goals and objectives outlined in Envision WCSD 2015 - Investing In Our Future. The TIF Grant process is one put forth by the U.S. Department of Education to allow districts to reform and improve their schools, reporting the results to the Department of Education as a possible basis for use nationwide. The Washoe School District TIF 3 Grant focuses on 11 objectives to be implemented at nine pilot schools identified as high-need schools based on low performance on standardized test scores.

In October 2012, WCSD was awarded another Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant. The grant was funded 9.7 million dollars for the first two years and 25 million for the full 5 years of the grant.


T.I.F. 3 Schools

  •  Duncan ES                    
  • Loder ES
  • Smithridge ES
  • Sun Valley ES  
  • Veterans ES
  • Clayton MS
  • Dilworth MS
  • O’Brien MS
  • Vaughn MS

 WCSD TIF 3 Grant

T.I.F. 4 Schools

  •  Florence Drake ES
  • Greenbrae ES
  • Lincoln Park ES
  • Alice Maxwell ES
  • Robert Mitchell ES
  • Agnes Risley ES
  • Kate Smith ES
  • Sparks MS
  • Sparks HS


TIF 4 Initiative:

  • Observation certification for administrators and Professional Development for teachers on the elements of the Danielson framework
  • STEM Career lattice structure created in Year 1, training in STEM in Year 2 and pay outs in Year 3
  • Pay for Performance incentive structure created in Year 2 and pay outs in Year 3
  • Creation of Student Learning Objectives (SLO's) at all TIF 4 sites for non-tested grades/subjects. Year 2 and 2 at TIF 4 schools, year 3 District wide

WCSD TIF 4 Grant


Questions/Comments regarding TIF

We are committed to providing timely feedback and answering questions regarding the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Grant.  If you have any questions, requests for information or comments on the TIF Grant, please click here.  We will respond to each inquiry received.


Outstanding Educational Practice

Dilworth STEM Academy students participated in a program where students from across the United States are invited by NASA to create and conduct experiments from the ground up.  Students will conduct experiments and use weather balloons to carry their ideas from their school sites to the upper reaches of the atmosphere, as high as 120,000 feet above the surface of the earth.  To view the entire newsletter on the program the Dilworth STEM Academy student scientists are participating in, please click here. 

Veterans Memorial Elementary STEM Academy 6th graders are enjoying a new approach to learning in 2011-2012. Each student has been equipped with a laptop, giving them access to a variety of resources to enhance their learning. Their laptops, Hewlett Packard NOBI Clamshells, are equipped with 2GB and the Microsoft Office package. Veterans Memorial Elementary STEM Academy serves 415 hard working Pre-K-6th students, with a population consisting of 87% minority, 92% impoverished and 60% speaking English as their second language. The teachers are highly motivated and passionate about doing great things for their students each day, keeping expectations high for all students.   To read more about the Veterans Memorial Elementary STEM Academy’s use of computers please click here

O’Brien Middle School's Student Leadership has for the first time ever received the SPIRIT OF NEVADA AWARD from the Nevada Association of student councils!!!!  The Spirit of Nevada Award is the highest honor given to middle-level student councils by the Nevada Association of Student Councils.  It is reserved for those councils that exceed typical school and community expectations.

Goals and Objectives

There are eleven objectives written into the TIF 3 Grant.  The goals and objectives will have timelines added to track the progress of these items throughout the five years of the grant. The worksheet will be updated each time there is a change to the timeline or refinement of the goal or objective:

Goals & Objectives Worksheet


Teacher Evaluation Process:

As part of the TIF Grant objectives WCSD embarked on developing a new teacher evaluation rubric. In establishing this new rubric, over 90 people representing teachers, site administrators, district administrators, local universities, community members, and parents, came together over four days in April 2011, to work on a final product. The teacher evaluation rubric group used the Charlotte Danielson model as a starting point and refined the document to meet Nevada, as well as WCSD goals and objectives.

The final product was vetted by a sub-committee consisting of members who participated in the development of the new rubric. The final product was completed in June of 2011 and moved forward to be piloted at 17 WCSD schools during the 2011/2012 school year.


The updated teacher and administrator professional growth system forms can be found here.


TIF Committees

Committee work is vital to the success of the TIF Grant.  Committee participants contribute feedback and expertise in meeting the objectives of the grant. Listed below are current TIF Committees, upcoming meeting schedule, a TIF 3 and TIF 4 Organizational Chart along with a brief objective of each committee.

TIF 3 Organizational Chart

TIF 4 Organizational Chart

SLO Meeting Schedule


TIF Steering Committee

The TIF Steering Committee meets monthly to discuss the progress of the Teacher Incentive Fund Grant.  The committee members provide feedback and suggestions in regards to the implementation of grant objectives.

TIF 3 Committee Members

TIF 4 Committee Members


TIF 4 Steering Committee Notes- May 22nd 2013

TIF 3 Steering Committee Notes- May 2nd 2013

TIF 4 Steering Committee Notes- April 25th 2013

TIF 4 Steering Committee Notes- March 28th 2013

TIF 4 Steering Committee Notes- February 26th 2013

TIF 3 Steering Committee Notes- November 26th 2012


Career Lattice Committee

The  overall goal for the Career Lattice Committee was to develop Master Teacher and Lead Site Mentor Teacher incentives for teachers who wish to retain their primary role as a classroom teacher, while striving to serve in leadership roles at their site.  

The Career Lattice incentives were completed in late March 2012 and approved by the WCSD Board of Trustees on April 3, 2012.  Career Lattice incentives will be implemented at each of the nine TIF sites for the 2012-2013 school year.  To view the packet received by site principals explaining the Career Lattice incentives please click here


Peer Assistance Review PAR

Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

SLO Design Team decisions approved by Steering Committee 2/25/13



Pay for Performance

Pay for Performance incentives is part of the District objectives outlined in the strategic plan Envision WCSD 2015-Investing in Our Future and part of the TIF grant objectives.  At its April 3 meeting, the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees approved agreements with three employee associations to provide performance pay incentives for employees at the nine TIF designated schools.  To read the April 4, 2012 press release on Pay for Performance please click here.

TIF site principals were provided an informational sheet to inform staff members of the Pay for Performance incentive.  To access the informational sheet please click here.

2012-2013 Pay for Performance Memorandum of Understanding


2013-2014 Pay for Performance Appeal form


Initial Survey Results

WCSD has contracted with Interactive, Inc. to provide outside evaluator services for the TIF Grant.  The initial survey results will create a baseline of data from which progress on the grant can be studied.  To view the survey, please click here.


Contact Information

Sabrina Pellett
Director or Professional Growth Systems/TIF Grant
Phone: 775-348-0338/email: spellett@washoeschools.net