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July 24, 2014

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Wellness Program

Your Amazing Memory

Our memory largely defines us as individuals and it is also prone to breakdowns due to stress, fatigue, poor diet, little exercise, medical conditions and side-effects of medications.
Have you ever been introduced to a person, shook their hand and immediately had trouble recalling their name? Or maybe you regularly have trouble remembering where you parked at the supermarket? Join us for The Preventive Plan’s July Challenge: “Your Amazing Memory: Exercise Your Mind”.
Registration for Your Amazing Memory Challenge begins June 16th, and the Challenge starts on June 30th. Join us and make a big impact on your health as you take the next step to make this “My Best Year Yet!” 

Financial Fitness Challenge

Begins May 12, 2014
Learn About:
  •  Personal finance management
  •  Smart saving & investing
  •  Retirement planning strategies
  • Making the most of what you earn
Participation is limited to first 250 Wellness members.
Learn more about the challenge.

Wellness Ambassador Application

Would you like to be your school or department's Wellness Ambassador?  Check out our Wellness Ambassador page for more information.

Just For You!

You told us, and we listened! Check out our Wellness Resource webpage and find new fantastic resources. Plus, learn from the best local health and fitness professionals with new tools, such as, a workout video with a certified personal trainer, a yoga video with a certified yoga instructor, and a FAQ session with a licensed registered dietitian. We hope you enjoy the new updates!

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