Washoe Country School District

August 21, 2014

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Chinese Curriculum Guide 1/2


Chinese Curriculum Guide Checklist
       First Year 1-2
Items in RED contain lesson plans/idea

Character Writing
The basic knowledge of Chinese characters. 
The radicals and strokes of Chinese characters.
Practice writing Chinese characters in the computer.
Greetings: general /respectful
Classroom commands/Expressing welcome and gratitude/saying farewell
Numbers/dates/weeks (days of the week)/months
Introducing oneself and others
Inquiring about other’s name and identity
Talking about school life (friends, teachers, principals, studies)
Sports and activities
Birthdays /ages
Explaining where …come from
Countries and people
Family and pets: number of people in the family, address, parents’ professions, dog and cat
Ordering food on the phone  
Asking and giving the time
Explaining one’s schedule and daily routine
Asking about one’s plan
Weather and climate: inquiring/explaining/expressing one’s opinions
Question words: who, what, where, when, how
Finals and initials and spellings
Four tones and tone markers 
Shi sentences
The negative form of Shi sentencs
Question sentences with word ma and yes/no answers
The You and Meiyou sentences
The possessive word de
The usage of particle ne, nine?
The measure words: ge/Zhang/ben/zhi….
The usage of hen: Wo henhao。
Do You Know Why? the general information on Chinese culture.
bowing and respecting elders.
brush writings.
The brief introduction to China: history, geography and major cities.
food / etiquette / table manners / chopstick games.
Chinese Zodiac Story
games and paper folding: tijianzi…