Washoe Country School District

August 23, 2014

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French Curriculum Guide 5/6


THIRD YEAR – French 5-6
Items in RED contain lesson plans/ideas
Vocabulary Lesson 1, 2
       nutrition/ illness / doctor, dentist, and hospital visits
       community issues (volunteering / environmental concerns)
       specialty and service stores
       family – extended
       weather – expanded (catastrophes)
       camping and nature
       animals – exotic, bugs, birds, etc.
       travel and hotel
       housing, furniture, and misc. things in a house – expanded
       body parts expanded
       household chores expanded
       review of present tense and reflexives
      review of passé compose and imperfect tenses and difference in use Lesson 1, 2
       review of future tense
       review of command tense (plus Let’s)
       conditional and past conditional tense
       present perfect tense
       past perfect tense
       future perfect tense
       review of IO, DO, y, en and tonique/stressed pronouns
       review of pour/par/pendant/depuis
       review of prepositions of place
       basic recognition of passé simple
       faire causative
       superlative/comparative expressions
       review of demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
       review of possessive adjectives and pronouns
      complete relative pronoun reperatoire