Washoe Country School District

August 22, 2014

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Japanese Curriculum Guide 5/6


THIRD YEAR – Japanese 5-6
Items in RED contain lesson plans/ideas
Japanese Writing
39 kanji from Ima1 (review)
21 kanji from Ima2 (review)
32 kanji from Ima3
kanji history & basics
214 historical radicals
using a kanji dictionary
exposure t all JLPT4 kanji
exposure t some JPLT3 kanji
lists: 100 most frequent kanji, essential kanji, place names, surnames, given names, grades 1-6
calligraphy lesson
describing people in more detail (connecting adjectives, longer sentences, desu)
describing abilities
writing a magazine article
making a website profile
interviewing for a part-time job
responding t a letter
comparison shopping
describing a current trend
writing a survey
explaining a chart or graph
rules at home and around town
asking permission
discussing what you typically do
words used in a text message
street signs
asking and giving directions
buildings/places in a city
travel (How long it takes t get from A t B by transportation)
“Around Town / Countryside” vocab
outdoor/vacation activities
approximation (about, only…)
part time jobs / professions
explaining what you want t d in the future and why
review of polite (desu/masu) forms
review of –te form
connecting nouns, adjectives, verbs and sentences; different ways t say “and” (to, ya, -kute, -de, -te etc.)
potential form (can / able to)
describing your own vs. another’s abilities (good/bad at… jyouzu vs. tokui / heta)
plain form (desu®da, particles, -te iru, no, -nda, past tense of verbs, adjectives & nouns, plain mashou, -nai, -nakatta etc.)
describing how things look/seem (-sou)
“want” form of verbs (-tai)
comparatives and superlatives (-er, -est)
more with ko/so/a/d words
more uses for particles ni & de
explaining what you are “allowed to” d or what you are prohibited from doing (-tem ii desu / dame)
-tari –tari form (what you typically do, “stuff like”)
soshite vs. –te
going t d (-ni ikimasu)
it takes/costs (kakarimasu)
try & see (te mitai)
future dreams (want t be / -ni naritai)
plan t (-te tsumori desu)
but (dem vs. ga)
giving reasons (because/so…kara)
Japanese comics / manga
Japanese proverbs
animal zodiacs / Chinese Zodiac
ancient/traditional Japan: shogun, ninja, geisha (geiko), sumou, ikebana, chanoyu etc)
Movie: Shogun series
high tech products
high schoolers allowance/spending money and how it is used
Japanese traditional & popular music
Japanese tales: Momotarou
free time & weekend activities of teenagers
Hiroshima’s Peace Park
Japanese baseball teams
Travel hot spots
Holidays, festivals & celebrations: hanami, hatachi (20 year celebration), Tanabata Games: hanafuda or mahjohng